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Guest Ruin Nefarious

Regarding OIC Status

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Guest Ruin Nefarious
The confidence by which we operate is one that is born out of a respect for authority and an adherence for authority. The rule of law is sacrosanct—yes, discretion goes into this rule of law, but by provision and a base line, we are an organization that operates through formality, regulation, and protocol. At times, the complex system of norms and rules become complicated and requires modification in order to ensure clarity, however that is not currently the case. A reinforcement of the basic expectations is due: by statute, by order, by all rights—the appointment of an NCOIC/OIC at any time entitles the holder with absolute discretion and the dire responsibility of maintaining order on Titan.

There are very few situations in which an NCOIC/OIC may be overruled, all of which require the presence and commitment of a senior officer. An NCO may not subvert another NCO and take control; however an officer may subvert an NCO to assume control when the situation warrants the exercise of power. Assumption of control from another member is a reserved matter and must be utilized cautiously.

Following the command of an NCOIC/OIC (henceforth referred to simply as “OIC” for simplicity sake) is extremely important. Orders issued by an OIC should be considered as holding the full weight of authority. In the event that the OIC exercised power inappropriately, it is their responsibility and they will be reprimanded: as such, it is appropriate to afford the OIC the benefit of the doubt and carry out defensive decisions and maneuvers by their lead. The only exceptions thereof would fall under the jurisdiction of an officer, or if decisions made by the OIC directly conflict with the written/codified rules.

Failure to adhere to an OIC in the commission of battle shall be deemed and is deemed insubordination. Per statute, insubordination is a severe level infraction and carries with it major penalty. This is said not to scare, but to remind all individuals to the gravity and importance behind the existence of the OIC, the role the OIC holds, and the necessity to remain orderly under the OIC’s lead.

Additionally, holding the role of OIC is a distinct honor. It should be nothing short of a respected, sought role by all levels of personnel. Although it does carry with it a high level of responsibility and the potential risk of error—if an individual acts within good faith, no error shall constitute punishment. Officers and senior NCOs alike shall be held with the expectation of seeking the role of OIC when available, without exception. It is understood that officers and senior NCO alike typically have a degree of work, assignments, and various tasks that would otherwise make holding the position of OIC difficult—but such is the nature of the job of holding a senior role. In the event that question arises about the capability to maintain a role while being busy: appoint a SOG. SOG is an extension of an OIC and can manage the rudimentary day to day elements, permitting an OIC to handle multiple functions.

Proper use and function of the OIC role is fundamental to our organization. It is lamentable that there is any reluctance to perform the role. There was a time in the past that I held it almost continuously. It built a very strong skill set for me—without any resources to speak of. Now, any individual can pick up OIC status, perform the role, and have an endless wealth of resources to ensure their success.

There is no individual within the Ordo incapable of holding the role of OIC. It boils down to a willingness to step outside one’s box. Think about it: we are attacked over a hundred times a week. That is a hundred opportunities to present the Ordo, demonstrate your prowess, and protect the organization. I expect nothing less from my officers and nothing less from my officers-to-be. You all make me proud, time and time again. Do not let this be a point of contention when it is within your reach.

Thank you.

Aryte Vesperia

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