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Recognizing Comrades

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I'd like to thank:

Sera Otoro & Karlhockey Forte; For originally exposing me to The Ordo Imperialis

MikeMurdock McMillan; For slapping me around enough to join

Shadowfang Blessed; For being there from day one of my recruitment into Ordo and tugging me through/teaching me the basics to pass my Schola training, and continuing to be a valuable source of information to this day.

Kytec Switchblade; My Inspiration

Diablos Korobsae & DamionStJames; For teaching me more about the weaponry and equipment of ordo in detail during my period of service within Terra.

Sosarin Demar; For helping me train and being a great friend and comrade during battle, I seriously appreciate the time hes put forth in helping me in my advancement of my piloting and skill in Astra. I really appreciate the faith hes had in me from day one of my transfer to Astra.

Sukasa Rydell; For putting aside a bad mood, and dropping what he was doing to do my Phase 2 and helping me improve my skills as well.

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Intus Infinity wrote:

Venes Dagger for going neko.

Noone noticed my tail? :( I went Neko 2 days ago :(

On topic, Sera, Tuomy and everyone defending today. True Ordo combat. Few stood against many and prevailed without so much as a hiccup in defence.

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Guest PADI321 Arida

I want to thank alot of people i just dont have the time and patience to do so. So i will just mention main people.

Ofcourse Aryte- For putting up with all my "lolz" in his Im window when hes most likely busy, and for returning all of my barricades whilst me going offline.

Tsume- For making us an epic Terra-Navis training course, and letting me help test it out. (cant wait to use it for real-real)

Mith- For being one of the first people to really help me get used to and get into Ordo.

ShadowFang- For just being awsome and an epic person to Guard base with.

And Gunau...... Probably for just being epic while standing guard!!


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Hitaroki Nakamura is quite dedicated to staying up into the whee hours of the morning to make sure Titan stays protected. He shows a lot of will to make sure it doesn't go unprotected. I don't think so much devotion to the Ordo should be returned with the rank of E-1. :>

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Seijuro Kamachi, for being the first one in the Ordo to meet me face to face and impress me enough to push through schola, any questions I had he could answer and it's always funny to see that even with poor english and alot of starwars gear he makes an excellent soldier who I look up to, Thanks Sei and good luck with your wife and kid.

(See us both getting blown up HERE )


Krin Redgrave, because he actually pulls off the whole kanifox look to a degree, alien eyes and red glow everywhere with a sword bigger than his frame strapped to his back and an anime override that actually looks pretty good, he's over-the-top in every regard and dammit I already like him more then my own brother, thanks Krin.


Krow Ames, for putting up with my bullshit and being mean. He's really mean. He's so mean that he made me cry once. With his skills I think he'll make a great officer and he already has done a good job, or atleast from what I've seen. So heres to you, Krow, for being a good (if not mean) guy and always in the trenches with my sorry ass.

[small]I considered putting Aryte here, but I think he already knows what I think of him.[/small]

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