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Special Ordocast Episode!!!!  

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  1. 1. Who would like a "Special" Ordocast Q&A Style episode featuring Aryte ?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Who Aryte ? (be warned you will be executed if found to be choosing this option)

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First in what we hope will be a long line, of future "OrdoCast's"

Episode# 1

Talk of curia lictors, myths about curia and AiR, Praetorians and even a little star wars chat.

Episode 1

This first episode was slated to only be about 45 mins - an hour long but ended up being nearly 2 hours. So instead of cutting anything out we decided to leave it as is and making it a 2hr special 1st episode, all others though should and will be trimmed down to around an relax :P

please remember though this is the first time we have done something like this, so we are still trying to figure out all the software and quality issues surrounding it ^_^

Have fun and feel free to comment

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This is seriously badass! Keep doing it, and let me know if you need anyone as "GUEST SPEAKERS." I can force them to!

Next show is allready in the planning boss, and we have Arokh as a special guest who im sure will kill and eat me on air lol

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O.K...and WOW, the pod cast was being hosted on a free server, didnt want to shell out till we new if it was going to be succesful and the download has allready been exceeded which means there have been well over 20 listeners allready.

So from the Team..."THANKS YOU"

now im off to buy 50 gig's worth of traffic lol

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