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Let me tell y'all a little bit about my childhood

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Hmmm... my childhood consisted of...

  • Grew up in a partial suburb environment for the first half, then moved to city for a few months to build our next home then to a 'ranch'ish' area
  • Wasn't much of one to do homework, drew a lot on it instead
  • Subjects were liked and disliked more depending on how much homework was required, I've always been more of a right-brained type, but enjoy combining left-brained attributes to further my goal. I'm still more right-brained overall, but find a lot of enjoyment I guess in left-brained activities. C+ Average.
  • Younger was diagnosed with ADD, and put on meds for a short time.
  • Always been the quiet secluded, lonely one
  • People tend to know me by my indirect impact more then i'm able to know them
  • I loved my lego's and would only build the actual plans once, then breach the barrier to build beyond that.
  • My mother hated that I would always "hide in my room" I WAS PLAYING WITH MY LEGOS DAMMIT!
  • My parents never got us nice things. Our nice things were the fact we had nice things for our future. They owned there own home, had good jobs.
  • We were always pushed to earn the extra 'nice' things
  • We got an allowance, but didn't get anything more. Housework was a daily task everyone did, as it's how we got dinner that night.
  • Always lived near train tracks of some kind
  • Had Chickens I'd get eggs from every morning and often sell them to the nieghbors
  • Took Karate and Piano lessons.
  • Been a nerd/gamer since I was born.. literally. Have pictures of my father holding me while at his Atari PC and game console. Kept up with computers since, adapting and learning what I can about them. Took just about every electronic/computer class available to me.
  • Bought and built my first computer with money I had earned myself.
  • FBLA Vice President, didn't win any awards myself, but was a great leader / supporter and our school did.
  • Earned what I could though my abilities so I didn't enjoy kiss asses much or individuals who had to get everything from mommy and daddy to survive. Mostly a do it yourself-er
  • Didn't really ever have a girlfriend until later in High School, I wasn't uninterested or shy, just didn't entirely have an interest in a relationship.
  • Believe in, when the time is right, the opportunity will present itself
  • Can be impatient, believe things can be done in a timely manor, and can be done right so I'm patient due to circumstances.
  • I didn't get grounded, I got a whoopin.
  • Never been good at tests, always more of a hands on person.
  • Did a bit of track, sprinting and javelin throwing.
  • Would sprint though the crowded halls to my next class just to see how agile I could be, and impact as little as possible.
  • Lived in a trailer for a short time in another state as my father worked in another area.
  • Parents would make lunch for us to take, not buy cafeteria stuff. Though I knew how to acquire what I wanted.
  • Artistic / Engineering talents got me into drafting, something my father did.
  • Always enjoyed ripping things apart and putting them back together. My sister swore never get me anything I could take apart because she didn't like it, and.. now that I think about it, she hasn't
  • Not been much of one to keep up with music, always liked the electric or cinematic stuff.
  • Grew up in a Christian home (in a 95% Mormon area)
  • Managed (more or less) the Schools network (though due to jealousy of other students and the real IT guy my friend and I got in trouble for "hacking" So we put back the few virus's we helped fight off.)
  • Was always the good kid outside of the home, always was the one in trouble with something inside, be it due to my sisters, schoolwork or causing some form of havoc (I am the eldest)
  • Joined the US Air Force as my father had done.

I know this isn't much of a story, nor very organized.. it's only key elements really... Some ideas to get some things going?

... And.. now that I look at the title of the thread again, I notice.. it says "Let ME tell y'all a little about MY childhood", at first glance I thought it was "Tell me a little about your childhood" OH WELL, posting anyway :p

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