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Kaska Czarny

Midwest Furfest. Coming?

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November eighteenth to November twentieth, at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare hotel.

Rooms are a hundred twenty four USD a night.

Anyone coming? This list will be updated as people respond.


Tsume Xiao

Needs a ride-

Needs a room-

Maybe coming-

Coming if can get room-

Coming if can get ride-

Not coming-

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in Chicago...? I'd hardly call that Midwest..

Yeah, I imagined it in Kansas or Oklahoma or something.

Illinois is basically the center of the Midwest. :actually:

| West | Mid West | Central | Mid East | East | ... Logical?

| Far West | West | Mid West | Central | Mid East | East | Far East | ... Kinda?

My father informed me that area was called the Midwest because +100yrs ago it kinda was. Time for a new generation dammit

I mean.. our time-zones are split pretty well already.. | West | Mid West | Mid East | East | (Indiana and Arizona are special)

To the OP though, you gave my hopes up :( 'midwest' but not your fault, I thought it would be something closer and though I'm not a furry I would have liked to go just to meet, but it's nowhere near.

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