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Ryk's "R.L" Trash Can

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as some people know I moved from a small town down on the south east coast of England into a big northern city, and Recently I finally got around to sorting through the last box of what I assumed was Junk. Much to my surprise I found one of my old folders that had a bunch of drawing's inside...the exact same drawings I thought destroyed when the roof fell in due to flooding in an old apartment of mine.

So happy to find them I figured I would take the chance to digitise them, so if anything happened to the originals I would still have them backed up somewhere. So im quite happily scanning away at 1200 DPI so they would be of a decent resolution, but it wasn't until afterwards I got a huge shock at just how detailed these were.

Let me explain.....

Most straight scanned images save at a resolution anywehre between 380x 400 or 750 x 800, these images were coming through at near 13000 x 9000.......and here is a little thing to help you comprehend that......

Each square is 300 x 300 resolution, and it starts with one of my drawings at straight scanning resolution at 1200 DPI, then resized by 1/2, the 3rd by 1/2 again and same for the 4th, and just to help you out I put their resolution on there at the time they were reduced.


So yeah even reduced by 1/2 each time, by the 3rd time the resolution is still huge at 1295 x 1023, and even still is amazingly detailed, but i think the basis of the shock was the detail in the 10367 x 8184 image, its that good you see the fibres in the paper.........and whats more hard to believe....this was a cheap, shop bought five year old printer / scanner combo.

I guess I have to take back every bad thing I ever said about Epson >.<

But with all this, and with all the work shrinking the resolution, sticking in a signature and name of the image while taking out my scribbled lettering with pencil, and trying to keep the best detail possible, I finally managed to get them all done, and i thought I might share them with you...hence the name of the thread, and as i get more and more back into drawing in RL and not digitally through photo shop, I will post them here for everyone to giggle and snicker at.

So without further stalling for time....... Here they are:

(NOTE: the first three images have been drastically reduced...the rest however...well when click on them, see what happens when you zoom in :P)
















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Currently Working On

I decided to be a little vain as I get back into practice on drawing techniques ect as I have to admit its been a while and I need to get into the hang of it again.

I did all the rough sketching to get my angles, view line, folds in clothing, guide line for text height and what not, and now I am in the process of getting knee high in eraser dust as i get rid of the rough sketching and going back over with clearer more defined lines.

Still allot of detail to go back into this, shading, shadows, facial features, hair, Ordo logo and some other stuff.....not sure if I will draw in a background or not as I am conflicted as to if I should do the curia office, astra hangar or an over view of titan *shrugs* guess that's something for later, and once it is finally done I can scan it in and clean it up in a mix of photo shop and Illustrator to get rid of all the pencil dust smudges Etc.

But here is the image as it currently stands, and I have to admit, drawing formal's with the NCO coat....has been a bitch but I finally managed to get something that I think is smooth.



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A quite pencil drawing I did when I had an hour free earlier. Not as good as I would of liked because the features in the face and hands are very basic and quickly scrawled on the paper. Also had to darken the image in illustrator to bring out the shading because I didnt do that properly either >.< and that has the result of showing all the pencil dust smudges as well *sigh*

This one quickly became a pain but I decided to just leave alone in case I did something to mess it up

Dont even try it


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Finally finished with the drawing of my avie, but, having screwed up the proportions, eye line and some other things I decided to leave it as it is before i screwed ti up anymore >.<

RYK 2.0


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thats because a few are, im a big M.T fan and always loved Fred Gallaghers style so i thought i would try my hand at drawing a few of the characters.

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Im offended your thread is called yoru trashcan

I am also offended my Nohime account doesn't work on here

I am even more offended I can't remember how to change my profile pick to something 39th so people actually remember who I am


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