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FC: 2012

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**********Combat Action Report**********


Soldier Filing: Azimuth Summerwind / E-3 Legionarius / Astra


Date-Time-Duration: (15JAN12 / 1930 - 2100)


Location(s): Peggy Sue's, San Jose, California


OIC/NCOIC: Burrwolf Qin


Designated Medic:


Hostiles Encountered:

Peggy Sue's Employees

Random Hostiles


Friendlies Present:

Azimuth Summerwind

Burrwolf Qin

Teron Gray

Riff Petrov






Raid party arrived at Peggy Sue's at 1930, found three hostiles within enemy establishment. Raid party swiftly selected their weapons of choice from the enemy spawn area, and proceeded to use them to combat the enemy forces in their home terrain of 70's style booths, red squeaky chairs, and laminated floors.

Approximately twenty minutes into combat Azimuth was struck with friendly fire by allied forces and was forced to wrestle with a nosebleed while behind enemy lines. After recovering, Azimuth promptly rejoined the combat, proceeding to use his chosen weapon to distract allied forces from causing more friendly fire, while by the same token making progress towards achieving the raid objective - destruction of all edible food and drink products within the enemy encampment.

After an additional hour of combating the hostile forces with our selected weaponry, and arguing with allied forces as to proper pronunciation of hybrid species, the raid team accomplished the objective and returned home to the temporary Ordo HQ at the Marriot hotel.



Victory in the name of the Imperator and the Ordo Imperialis.

Notes for follow up: [ ] None [ ] Hostile(s) needs reclassification [ x ] Combat Incident

List additional information if any:

Combat incident: Allies need to be more aware of friendly fire. :l

Raid report was late due to having to utilize sixteen non-sticky notes provided within the temporary Ordo HQ at the Marriot, and having to write the report with blue gel pens. After which each note was stapled together in a random order, coded into a binary cipher, and sent to India for approval by Microsoft tech support. After being put on hold three times across four days and talking to seven different Indian operators who no one could understand, approval was finally received, the chain of notes was digitized, sent to Washington DC, and then deciphered into a readable format by a talking parrot by the name of Mr. Winkles.


>Combat Action Report-V.2 Revision MAY2010

==End of Report==

Edited by Azimuth Summerwind

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