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Zerowinged Vasiliev

DaveyDarkStrider Oh's MOBO is kaput... Sooo~

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I am posting this on behalf of DaveyDarkStrider.

Due to Gigagbyte being a bunch of useless morons and building boards that don't know how to repair themselves as advertised, I am requesting assistance [from the Ordo] on procuring funds for a new MOBO. This motherboard will not go to waste, as I will be upgrading my family's PC once I upgrade my own computer sometime in January. However, for the time being, I do need this complete my university work. The old laptop which I have is just not powerful enough to do the work that is needed.

Davey's Paypal:

Purchasable Combo: MOBO & T.Paste (w/ Free Shipping).

Total Price: £54.41 [$84.50] (As seen under the warranties).

Current Received: £0.00 [$0.00]

  • PLEASE PM ME (Zerowinged Vasiliev) ON THE FORUMS WITH YOUR TRANSACTION ID AND HOW MUCH YOU ARE SENDING. Davey personally requested this due to ease of contact.
  • Any unused money will be sent back via Davey, evenly distributed to everyone.
  • LINDEN payments will NOT be accepted, paypal is the only option here.
  • Davey is aiming for £60 for purchase (any unexpected costs and all, £5 to serve as a buffer).
  • IM Zerowinged Vasiliev in world with any questions.

If anyone can find a better deal [That is based in the UK] on a motherboard, please post it here.

Specs and shit that are required:

Four RAM slots for DDR2 1066

CPU: LGA 775 Intel Socket

EDIT: Added USD currencies and "NO LINDEN" transaction

Edited by Zerowinged Vasiliev

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