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Mark Karlfeldt

Christmas #Swag: Post it!

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I got books, i'm a book freak..

Day of War -Set in ancient Israel around the life of Benaiah one of David's "mighty Men" think Praetorian Guard. It's actually decent as it was written by a military officer.

Steve Jobs- "Walter Isaacson" about Bill Gates

"Triumphant Fox: Erwin Rommel and the Rise of the Afrik Korps" small book, sort of a summary of Mr. Rommel s' life and Operations in Africa during WW2

"The Victors" Jack Cavanaugh another WW2 book

If you have some war books or maybe just books you liked a lot feel free to PM me their titles.. i'm a book freak.. i even know how to read. Picture books are good too. :~}

and no i didn't get an ipad either... was just glad to have some family to be around. First time i've actually been able to give some gifts due to getting out of school..

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I received:

- paid roundtrip to Westfield, MA to spend vacation time with the Fermi

- Minecraft University sweater (to match with Fermi :D )

- pretty little engraved charm bracelet from Fermi~

- SWTOR, which doesn't work on my home computer -- at least not until I'm outta here and have upgrades

- makeup and barrettes, which I will probably never use

- Skechers shape-ups walking shoes and a pair of UGGs boots that I got dirty while helping outside D:

- a set of Eeyore PJs

- Candycandycandycandy

- a chance to eat sushi for the first time in my life (and now I crave it)

- two cell phones, one yet unused (neither is a smart phone but it's better than NO phone, which is what I was at before)

- feathers in mine hair and a much needed 5" trim for freeeee

- a chance to watch Sherlock Holmes: a Game of Shadows and The Adventures of Tintin in 3D at the theater

- $50 amazon gift card

Everything counts for me. :> because I don't get a lot as it stands

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$30 Itunes giftcard

A Samsung ST65 camera

8 gig mini SD card for camera

Kingston 8gb flash drive

8 gig SD card.

A trash bag full of home made caramel popcorn

various xmas treats

Planters peanuts

Home made cookies of various kinds

xmas stocking

Up-to-date Princess salon set.

Socks and a shirt.

$200 USD

Rocket Balloons made by JA-RU...

Instructions for Rocket balloons

"1. Grip balloon at each end and stretch it a few times to make it easier to inflate

2. Insert blow tube into nozzle of balloon

3. Grip nozzle tightly around tube to prevent air from escaping and inflate balloon to about 30-36' by blowing thru tube. Do not over inflate.

4. Remove tube and quickly pinch nozzle closed. with your fingers. Aim balloon upwards in a safe direction away from trees or rooftops. Release nozzle and watch and listen as the balloon flies screaming into the air. May be used over and over.

Easy directions!

With blow tubes!

Flyin & Screamin!

Warning choking hazard for ages 8+!"

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Bit early don't you think?


Completely agree with both comments... but I stumbled upon this thread while searching for another and people insist on giving me stuff every year... so...

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution, LA Noire, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and 4000 MS points. That's all I got.

Update: Also got a book of Iranian poems that was originally banned from publication by the US Government. And a digital copy of Splinter Cell: Conviction.

The biggest gift I've gotten is from all of my friends, wishing for a merry christmas and giving a hug. <3 all of you.

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A wine tote for picnics, a set of those little Chinese meditation balls you roll around in your hand, a copy of the book Liminal States by Zack Parsons from Something Awful, a gently-used/previously-enjoyed 26" TV, and a sum of money.

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