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[Ordo] Promotions: 26DEC11

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✠ Missing a PRF? Please refer to your unit lead; if you've already done so and said unit lead has not provided a remedy, feel free to notify me. I will remedy it.

✠ Curious why you have not received a promotion? First, consider if you have fulfilled the necessary minimum requirement exams. If you have, feel free to ask me: we can discuss it and provide direction. Otherwise, keep in mind there is always next week! Keep up the good work.

✠ Contact me if you're an [E-5] and are eligible for elevation to [E-6]. We need to figure out what'cha gotta do to get there! Same goes for [E-6] to [E-7].

✠ [E-1]'s -- please remember to read "Life After Schola" and remember to take your promotion examinations if you wish to seek elevation! The E-2 examination is painless, I promise. Don’t let it pass you up. If you need help finding them, send me an IM.


Dresden Xaris

Lairex Beck

Riff Petrov

Vain Composer


Drasamax Python – [O-2]

Hokusai Otsuka – [E-2]

Kylie Wiefel – [E-3]

Riff Petrov – [E-2]

Sebris Montpark – [O-2]

SirCorn Alter – [E-4]

Xoza Tyron – [O-1]


Conger Mint - [Combat Prowess] +25 * cited by command for exemplary performance in battle.

Dresden Xaris – [Combat Prowess] +25 * cited by command for exemplary performance in battle.

Wolfbite Funizza – [Homeland Defense] +25 * cited by command for demonstrated commitment to the defense of glorious Titan~


Pidelia Magic (20QP)

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