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07JAN12 - Weekly Meeting

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[18:00:25] Aryte Vesperia: Good evening and welcome, everyone. Meeting start time: going forward, please be certain to hold your comments and questions until given the opportunity to speak. Failure to do so will result in a dismissal from the meeting.

[18:00:42] Aryte Vesperia: Statistics

Members: 314

Cadets: 12


New: 10

Accepted: 3

Denied: 2

Review: 5


Defensive: 94

Offensive: 14

Allied Assist: 0

[18:01:00] (E!) Neva Naughty Designs Hot Chocolate (Wear Me): Love is like swallowing hot chocolate before it has cooled off. It takes you by surprise at first, but keeps you warm for a long time.

[18:02:57] Aryte Vesperia: Diplomatic notes this evening: primary comment, XAF remains intent on taking pot shots at us during the hours of 2 to 6 AM. Generally be aware and prepared to deal with their antics. Thus far, solid work. Secondly, a few interactions with CDF this week have provided us the realization that the group is a bit .. gun shy? Raid leads are encouraged to be guarded, CDF personnel will abandon defense in order to permit their leadership to envoke ratio rules. Final comment regarding interactions aboard: combat with 2142 early this week provided Ordo a strong combat interaction and victory. Please be alert for potential counters in the near future.

[18:03:01] Aryte Vesperia: Unit reports this evening?

[18:03:03] BurrWolf Qin Raises his hand for Terra

[18:03:06] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Qin.

[18:03:16] BurrWolf Qin: A-I, Invictus: From Pr0wer Miles: Goals for this coming week: Raids, raids, and raids. Now that most of the holiday festivities are over (and hopefully sober tsuki >:/) we are going to kick it into high gear and pick up the pace and hit hard. If all goes willing we will also PLAN on holding a training of some sort most likely joint that will be announced somewhere between midweek or towards the end, else if you need anything at all feel free to send me an IM at any point in time..

[18:03:35] BurrWolf Qin: !

[18:03:35] BurrWolf Qin: A-II, Evalidus: From Awanken Wasp: Hola Evalidus had decently active week. We held squad training and set forth the intensive training task for these following two months. The squad also has six empty spots so if you like fast cars and scented candles, contact either Huttser Ishelwood or Awanken Wasp.

[18:03:55] BurrWolf Qin: A-III, Insidiae: From Ron Bleac: We lost a fobbit or two this week. Insidiae still has openings. We are looking to introduce a few prospective members who have expressed interest in the squad and will be contacting squad leaders shortly. Raid quotas not met but will be remedying next week with renewed, /hotly intensified, vigorous raid leading mmmm/

[18:04:15] BurrWolf Qin: A-IV, Praescius: From Afevis Sodetelge: Havoc Sparta has stepped down to focus on RL. We would also like to welcome Vipps Feden to the squad! We still have spots open, so if you want to join please contact Afevis Sodertelge!

[18:04:29] BurrWolf Qin: A-V, Saevitas: From Singularity Phenomena: [turned in a blank report]

[18:04:47] BurrWolf Qin: COHORS B:

> From Pr0wer Miles: This week was fairly average compared to the rest, hopefully we can spice things up a bit with the new year as trainings within Victrix continue. A friendly reminder to everyone is that everyone gets two prfs a month which goes towards unlocking gear or a great way to benchmark yourself goes unnoticed so it is highly recommended that each one of you go up to your COs and ask for one! With that being said, good luck to everyone returning back from holidays and hope to see some fresh attitudes :D

[18:05:15] BurrWolf Qin: This concludes Terra reports

[18:05:41] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you.

[18:05:43] Aryte Vesperia: Next?

[18:05:47] Sebris Montpark raises paw

[18:05:57] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Montpark.

[18:06:05] Sebris Montpark: Running theme for Astra this week has been people busy with lots of other matters. Be it work, family, school, or first anniversaries with significant others (\o/), multiple members of Astra have had their attention in other places. That being said, this has not been an inactive week for us. While Aquila's new flight leader is still on leave (thanks to my public school education misreading 13th as 3rd), Tactical Squadron Command will be dipping down to make sure things go smoothly while he's gone. Xoza's with family at the moment, but Palaestra has been up to its usual standards of quickly processing people. Thursday night flight night was a success, and had a good turn out. In terms of administration, Disembodied has drawn up some new forms, and our leadership should have our position packets ready to go by next week. The last thing I want to touch on is the Phantom, which has had a temporary setback in development (due to Ethan catching a bad bug right before it went to testers).

[18:07:06] Sebris Montpark: That is all From Astra for this week.

[18:07:19] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you. Any additional reports this evening?

[18:07:24] Drasamax Python raises hand for the IEA.

[18:07:24] Radryl Allen raises his hand for Adstutia.

[18:07:28] Aryte Vesperia: Mr. Allen.

[18:07:38] Radryl Allen: Good evening everyone! Adstutia had been trying to get some fresh news and actually we got some sucess, Megiddo got their new sim. like mentioned before, EB keeps losing people, and most of them are heading to Megiddo. Also there is "someone" producting new Megiddo's gear but at this point you might know who is that as they already came up here using some of those. I am afraid most of them do not follow the rules about the melee range though, as someone already said on TS on those weapons works like.

[18:08:05] Radryl Allen: Anyway, here are other news, CATI is on its way to change its name to K'erberus, they still trying to make sure everyone will join the new group, it is a matter of stabilishing themselves at this new way. Also the new group mentioned before, Afo Wolfpack already got their sim, but sadly it still under construction, but as most of the defenders could see, they are already attacking us. Their main Leader, their "Imperator" is Renan, ex-CATI member, one of those that were unsatisfied with the situation, anyway, this group is being formed by some ex-CATI members and ex-Megiddos..anyway, I will be getting the LM as soon as possible to pass it to Tactica, as they denied to give it now as it still under construction. As last information about them, they still using weapons based on CATI's style, many explosions, high spread rate rifles or just with a good ammunation capacity.

[18:08:40] Radryl Allen: Also this is a REMINDER, the portuguese classes are on the forums for a reason. Adstutia already made researches and we concluded that at least 60-80% of the visitors/hostiles that we get are portuguese speakers, and it can be kind of complicated as it is not like me, or Tonet or Pidelia gets online everytime that they comes up here. So try to think about a situation like this: A portuguese speaker shows up, nobody is able to talk to them properly. What will be the option left if they get closer? Open fire... at least I saw it happening time to time, so well, it is better this kind of situation be avoided, It goes to all the other languages of course, that is why it is always good to have people who are able to speak other languages around. Anyway, do not be afraid of taking those classes as they are REALLY simple, and it is just to help you on these situations.

[18:09:16] Radryl Allen: Well, EB had been really quiet during these last weeks, we are not sure how long time they will be able to resist, so we will keep watching.

Also if you are willing to join Adstutia, here are the requirements:

Be at least a E-3;

Be able to speak more than one language OR:

Be able to handle paperwork and tough situations.

And of course, be good at running incase they decide to open fire on us randomnly.

[18:09:32] Radryl Allen: That is all from Adstutia.

[18:09:37] Aryte Vesperia: HAha.

[18:09:45] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you. Any additional reports?

[18:09:49] Drasamax Python raises hand

[18:09:56] Aryte Vesperia: Ms. Python.

[18:10:02] Drasamax Python: From myself for The Imperial Education Administration: 21 Schola classes(counted by phases), 12 Armatura(counted by module pieces), and 1 NCO-A Ludi Class held this week in the IEA. Yes, I decided to start adding actual class statistics to my statement for a better overall idea on activity now in each individual IEA branch. Nothing else to report at this time unless you count me maybe not being around this Monday because of symptoms I will have after an eye doctor appointment inrl. So it'd be best to forward any questions/stuff you have to IEA Commandant Zero Itamae that day if needed.

[18:10:13] Drasamax Python: Armored Academy sign up open on the forums for those of you interested in tanks and such. Can be found here:

[18:10:28] Drasamax Python: Haven't done this in a while and have been asked how to become a Magister recently so it seems like its about time to mention it again. If you want to become a Schola/Armatura Magister you have to follow the link below and fill out/post the application there. We'll get back to you asap once we process your application.

That is all from the Imperial Education Administration.

[18:10:45] Aryte Vesperia: Thank you.

[18:11:11] Aryte Vesperia: Final call for additional reports.

[18:12:10] Aryte Vesperia: All righty, moving on.

[18:12:32] Aryte Vesperia: I. Artificer Armor / Rewards Update

[18:13:46] Aryte Vesperia: As part of our vanity line, the elite shoulder piece has been modeled (it is rezzed in front of me). The item will be wearable by all members, provided it is unlocked. Although I am not quite certain "what" someone will need to achieve this particular piece, I imagine it will be part of the OIC record system.

[18:14:58] Aryte Vesperia: You can expect a couple other pieces of regal armor chunks to pop up as part of the set. Each will have a different achievement tied to it. We will, for certain, be adding at least a "gorget" in the same style.

[18:15:19] Aryte Vesperia: Tied along with the general reward program enhancements, the challenge coin models have been hammered out. I'll rez them as well:

[18:16:28] Aryte Vesperia: For those who are newer (or simply forgot), the challenge coins will serve as a collectors item that officers and various unit leads will be able to distribute at their discretion to members for commendable feats.

[18:17:09] Aryte Vesperia: Additionally, the coins will be tradeable-- so they can be handed over to another Ordo member as a further extension of gratitude.

[18:18:24] Aryte Vesperia: Officers will specifically grab their respective coin (# on front represents rank associated with coin) from a vendor. This will give some control and ensure that they're simply not dispensed out or used to throw at enlistees.

[18:19:42] Aryte Vesperia: There will not be a QP equiv to any given coin, but complete sets will translate to some sort of momento or exchange for a vanity item.

[18:19:56] Aryte Vesperia: Any questions regarding either of these?

[18:20:39] Aryte Vesperia: Final call.

[18:20:59] Aryte Vesperia: All righty, moving on:

[18:21:17] Aryte Vesperia: III. Misc Tribunus Notes

[18:22:20] Aryte Vesperia: As part of the revisions, I've been spending a degree of time thinking about the officer staff. I have identified a few areas in which we can definitely improve on. Particularly, officer promotions, achievements for officers, and giving more differentation between the multiple levels of officer.

[18:23:24] Aryte Vesperia: Going forward, we will put a lot of investment into the use and adherence to the Tribunus assignment list (policy section of the forums). Specifically, officers who consistently meet and exceed their basic assignments will be granted eligibility for promotion-- rather than it being based on written recommendation.

[18:24:05] Aryte Vesperia: Furthemore, the vanity items that are soon to be available to the officer corps will additionally be available to officers as unlocks. They shall not receive them by the grace of position.

[18:25:14] Aryte Vesperia: We will also be eyeing some officer specific fluff or metrics, in order to ensure "O-1" is not seen as "end game." As is, once an individual reaches O-1 they essentially lose any need for PRFs, QP in general, and basically never get merits.

[18:25:44] Aryte Vesperia: I think this short changes officers from the driving motion and the ability to reach for excellence.

[18:26:04] Aryte Vesperia: IV. Out of Town

[18:26:19] Aryte Vesperia: Simple enough. I'll be out of town from the 13th to the 16th.

[18:26:32] Aryte Vesperia: I will have internet and a computer on hand. I'll be "around," but not as present as norm.

[18:27:00] Aryte Vesperia: I will more than likely conduct the meeting via notebook on shitty hotel internet, with people like Burrwolf and Teron sitting around me. Lol.

[18:27:22] Aryte Vesperia: I'll host my usual "I am going away for a few days, be good, or I'll eat children" meeting on Thursday around 7:00 PM.

[18:28:20] Aryte Vesperia: Annnd the keynote for this evening:

[18:29:05] Aryte Vesperia: A brief one, but I definitely want to push the matter. Our raid numbers have declined over the last couple of weeks-- a lot of folks have written it off as "oh, holidays" and so forth.

[18:29:12] Aryte Vesperia: That excuse is kind of run into the ground.

[18:30:13] Aryte Vesperia: Elite squads: you have goals, and those goals are /not/ being met. I've been incredibly benevolent about not throwing my weight around, as someone (or multiple someones) have been carrying the weight to keep the expected deployments out. That's no longer the case.

[18:30:27] Aryte Vesperia: Ergo, I am giving an especially hard look at who is doing their job and who isn't.

[18:31:08] Aryte Vesperia: Minimum goals are not there to punish. They're there to encourage and set a base line. But when you consistently fall under the expected level, then it turns into a negative matter.

[18:31:57] Aryte Vesperia: I have really expended my ability to be merciful and turn a blind eye. If you are an officer, you need to meet your basic minimums.

[18:32:12] Aryte Vesperia: If you are an elite squad member, you need to meet your basic two a week minimum.

[18:32:24] Aryte Vesperia: If you're a raid commander, you need to be out there making it happen.

[18:33:18] Aryte Vesperia: There will no longer be leniency on this. No exceptions made.

[18:34:34] Aryte Vesperia: I know everyone is very capable of doing it. So I really need to see it done.

[18:35:33] Aryte Vesperia: It dramatically impacts my ability to focus on being proactive, if I am constantly forced to be reactive/chewing on someone for not pulling their weight.

[18:35:47] Aryte Vesperia: The more proactive I can be, the more nice shiny things we get.

[18:36:17] Aryte Vesperia: Questions?

[18:37:18] Aryte Vesperia: Dismissed, then. Go make me proud.

[18:37:19] Aryte Vesperia snaps his fist to his chest, presenting a brief salute.

[18:37:20] Arokh Takakura slams a claw to his chest with a dull thud. "Imperator Vesperia."

[18:37:24] Vain Composer salutes sharply, proudly claiming: "Glory to the Imperium, Pro Patria."

[18:37:24] Radryl Allen salutes.

[18:37:25] BurrWolf Qin salutes! "For the Glory of the Imperium!"

[18:37:25] Sebris Montpark: Salutes

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