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Carrious Darbyshire

Ordo Movie

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Sean Pertwee as myself, though Anthony Hopkins is a pretty high rating choice.


Other likely selections for me are also: Evil Young Warren Beatty, younger Tom Berenger for either Agares or I.

Agares is very much a bit of Jason Issacs, only 9 feet tall.


Scarlet is clearly Mickey Rourke.

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I'm just gonna put this in here and say that Jonah Hill would be a better man to fill Mister Reisman's shoes. Jack Black IS kind of old.


Young Eddie Deezen as Acheron Gloom

Janeane Garofalo as Achtai Coronet

Robert Downey Jr. or Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Aryte Vesperia

Hugh Jackman as Bracket Crowley

David Hayter as Kristain Kit

Jason Statham as Zackarias Bardash

I can see Robert Downey Jr. playing as Aryte, not sure about the rest, though.

Gillbert Gottfried as Kurama Bingyi.

I...really don't see this.

For my human counterpart it would have to be Alan rickman.

Because you both look alike, definitely.

For my human counterpart, I would probably have to say a red-haired Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory).

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I thought about Zach Galifianakis. He seems too old. I also thought about Jason Segel. They both seem a little old and not really as funny as Jonah.

zach's movie work isnt as funny (generally) as his stand up. Jason Segel is meh. Jonah hill also looks... weird, now that he lost a bunch of weight


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