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Salem's RL health issues FAQ

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Alright, as I know I will be getting plenty of questions about this, I may as well post some background information here.

As some are aware, I have three chronic illnesses in real life. Them being Asthma, Crohn's Disease, and Gout. Now, I am being treated for all of these, but I know there will be questions raised if I mention anything about visiting a hospital or being admitted to one. This is to help you all out with understanding what is going on with me.

Q1.) Why are you going to the hospital every 8 weeks or less?

A1.) The main reason why I would be going to the hospital this frequently is to visit an infusion center, where they would be administering a drug to help me with my Crohn's Disease, which is called Remicade. Other than that, I only visit to see all of my doctors at least once a year to check up on how I am doing (at their request). NO LONGER NEEDED

Q1(a).) Why are you getting a shot every other week?

A1(a).) The main reason why I'm getting a shot every other week is because I'm receiving a medicine called Humira.

Q2.) What is Crohn's Disease?

A2.) Crohn's disease is an autoimmune disease (where the immune system attacks itself, causing inflammation somewhere), that affects the entire digestive system. It can be certain areas or a good portion of areas, but it's typically found in the intestine area.

More information: http://www.ncbi.nlm....lth/PMH0001295/

Q3.) What is Remicade?

A3.) Remicade is a class of drug called an immunomodulator, where it affects the immune system. What Remicade does is neutralize and inhibit the creation of a specific part of the immune system (specifically the cells called tumour necrosis factor alpha). It is also a chimeric mouse/human protein drug. It has to be administered intravenously, and it can take four hours or longer to administer.

TLDR: Remicade suppresses the immune system partially. It's a chimeric mouse/human drug, given through an IV drip and takes four hours.

More information: http://www.ncbi.nlm....lth/PMH0000267/ (Imfliximab is the generic name) NO LONGER NEEDED

Q3(a).) What is Humira?

A3(a).) Humira is a class of drug called an immunomodulator, where it affects the immune system. What Humira does is neutralize and inhibit the creation of a specific part of the immune system (specifically, the cells are called Tumor Necrosis Factor-Alpha). It is 100% human (unlike Remicade, which is chimeric mouse/human). It has to be administered through a subcutaneous shot in the thigh or stomach.

TL;DR: Humira suppresses the immune system partially. It's given through a shot. More information: http://www.ncbi.nlm....lth/PMH0000219/

Q4.) So, you take an IV, and you're useless for a day?

A4.) Um, not exactly. One of the after effects for (and it has affected me) that I have noticed is that after taking Remicade, you feel tired, even if you may have napped during or through the IV drip. However, work can be done, just expect me to be tired after receiving Remicade. NO LONGER NEEDED

Q4(a).) Do you give yourself the shots? If so, do you have to have your own sharps container?

A4(a).) Not yet, but the plan is that I will be giving myself shots. Humira comes in either a pen or a small syringe. I have already ordered my own sharps container (provided free by the makers of Humira, Abbot Labs).

Q5.) Why do you have gout?

A5.) To be honest, I'm not sure why I got this myself, other than my doctor believes that it is hereditary.

Q6.) So, you have Asthma?

A6.) Yes, and it is very weird at times. It's a cough-variant, meaning that some coughs are just coughs and others are just asthma. The only time I can tell the difference is when I am having an attack. There are also some other quirks with it, but I will not get into it here. It has been gone for some time, but recently it has come back.

Q7.) Why do you like Abbot Labs so much?

A7.) Because they have a support system in place for those taking Humira, including training materials, free sharps containers (and possibly disposal), 24/7 Nurse hotline, reminders to take the medicine through phone, text and/or e-mail. It's called myHumira.

Q8.) Why do you have to take vitamin B12 on a daily basis?

A8.) Because the surgery I had back in may removed quite a bit of my intestines, including pretty much my entire Ileum (where the body mostly absorbs B12). Good news is that if I forget a day, it wouldn't be disastrous, as the body takes a while to lose its supply of the vitamin. Bad news is that if taking the vitamins every day doesn't work, then I have to go in for a shot for that as well. Once a month.

Q9.) What did they remove from you in your surgery?

A9.) A significant amount of my small intestine and a little of my large intestine. If you want details, see below:

They removed the following:

* 55cm of the ileum

* 5cm of the secum

* The Appendix

EDIT: Updated information (strike-through the original information, put in the new one). No longer on Remicade, now on Humira.

EDIT 2: Added information on the vitamins and what was removed in my surgery.

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With Remicade, they have to mix the ingredients when you check in (Because mixed, the whole thing has a shelf life of about 24 hours), not to mention that it is expensive normally (the amount they use for me runs about $5,000 per infusion).

But other than that, yeah, it's supposed to be finding the right mix of chemicals that give the best results with the least discomfort...and do surgery as a last resort (which for me, isn't a good idea).

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