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Syfte Stormcrow

Road Trip With Syfte

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So I'm currently in Santa Rosa, New Mexico, having left yesterday at 1530 EST. Since then, I've learned new things from different places. Here we go!

West Georgia: Taught me that all Georgian cops are racist, and that my homestate is really, really flat.

Alabama: Taught me that the further west you go, the more hilly it gets. And that big mounds and hills are really gorgeous, especially where the layers are showing.

Mississippi: Taught me that valleys filled with mist are beautiful, and that the cooler the scenery is, the faster you feel like you go through a state.

Tennessee: Taught me that Memphis Ffffing sucks. I saw three strip clubs that opened at 1000.

Arkansas: Ffff. Arkansas.

Oklahoma: Is actually pretty OK (excuse the pun). I was listening to South Pacific on the way though, so yeah...

Texas: North Texas sucks, except for the fact you can go stupid fast and never get pulled over, and when it thunderstorms, it's Ffffing gorgeous/badass.

New Mexico: Apparently I picked the one day in the year it Ffffing rains in the desert.

There you go. Everything else is roads. All the roads. Forever.

I'll add more the farther I go.

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Alright, well let's see... I guess I 'started' in South Carolina, right up on the beach. I went then to Georgia to visit with my family for a while. leaving there, I hit Alabama (Lee was mad at me for not dropping in... Sorry Lee :( ), Mississippi, then through Tennessee, then Arkansas, then Oklahoma, then Texas, and I'm in New Mexico now. Today will be the rest of New Mexico, Arizona, and all of California, till I hit my current destination of Ventura, CA. Then on friday, I make the little three hour trip down to San Diego!

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