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Convention Recap 2012

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I will post pictures a bit later, but I just typed out the whole "what Happened" story on my FA. I will Copy-Paste it here.

While my rooming situation was not ideal, it was fine for the most part. At least, up until Sunday night/Monday morning.

One of the roommates (Person A) made a suicidal comment and also mentioned they had not been taking one of their medications for a while and had also overdosed intentionally on a different medication the night before. The other normal person in the room (Person B) stated he was going to call the person's doctor. This caused the Person A to start behaving in a concerning manner, and they took their empty pill bottle back and ripped the label off and apart. After Person B and myself spent a while explaining why we were concerned and why they should not have stopped taking their prescribed medication, Person A became more concerning in their behavior. Person B stated that if Person A did not give him the number to his doctor or father, he would call emergency services. This escalated Person A's disturbing behavior, and the police were called. During this time, Person A stated he was going to leave the room for a cigarette. Considering their current state of mind and the fact that I knew his travel companion had a knife somewhere in the room (and I didn't know if Person A had said knife) I instructed Person A to sit against the wall while we waited for the paramedics. Person A sat for a little while, but then moved toward the door. As they went to open the door, I slapped the bar lock (the thing they have instead of a chain) closed. As they tried to open the door regardless (breaking off the latch for the bar lock in the process) I had time to slip in front of them and lean against the door to keep it closed. They protested and I rather sternly instructed them to sit down. As they paced the room some more, Person B told me that the Paramedics needed someone to wait in the lobby. As I waited, the woman at the desk mentioned that the same person already had the paramedics called for them the day before when they stated they intentionally overdosed. I was already apologizing that she would have to deal with this again. Eventually, two police cars arrived and I escorted four officers up to the room. They began talking to Person A, who began stating I tackled him, pinned him to the wall, and did so for my own enjoyment. I opened my mouth to interject and one officer told me not to respond. Instead she replied that if I had done such a thing it was out of concern for him and what he had said. Person A continued to ramble on how there was no problem and how he was seeing his doctor tomorrow at 1PM. One of the male officers asked how how long of a drive it was for him to get home, and when Person A said it was eight hours, the officer stated "Well then you'd better be leaving in an hour shouldn't you." I like this officer. Person A then began to rant how I was dangerous and how he didn't want me in his room. The female officer asked what the staying arrangements were. When I told her she asked Person A if he had my money. He replied he no longer had all of it (so a refund would be out of the question). She told Person A he could not expect me to find another room at this hour (it was about 3:30 AM) and since I had paid per our agreement he would have to deal with it. Person A responded with "Well this is my room..." and one of the male officers interjected with "Well actually this is the Hampton Inn's room." I got a little internal laugh out of that.

Eventually, I stayed in the hall. i was quite upset with the accusations that were being made against me. Eventually the officers left and told me to go back to the room. Not having my key (I had gone downstairs without it to wait for the paramedics) I knocked on the door. Person B answered and stated Person A now had his his bag of medication and was refusing to put it down, and that I should go get the officers. Fan-Ffffing-tastic. I sprinted to the elevator and right as the doors closed hit the down button. The doors opened again and I told the officers what had just been told to me (one officer had taken the stairs). The officers asked if I was serious with a tone of disbelief, and when I said yes they quickly marched down the hall to the room and demanded the door be opened. The polite and caring attitude was pretty much completely gone, and the female officer told Person A that he was to take his medication to the car under their supervision, and that if they had to return to the room again he would be taken to the station and dealt with accordingly until his father came to pick him up.

The officers again left, and as they past me in the hall I apologized profusely for this incident. They told me not to worry about it because they have to deal with incidents like this and worse daily. I still felt bad because they now have shit like this associated mentally with AnthroCon.

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE. Person A and his travel partner decided to just up and leave then. Person A mentioned how they would have to make several trips to take their stuff down, and that they should make it a priority to take anything that :could be easily broken, you know, like if someone wanted to kick it". Again implying that I was some sort of deranged maniac who got off on destroying other peoples stuff and causing harm. Person A began packing his camera equipment made and a remark on how he had to "test his flash" because it wasn't working. I had returned to my sleeping bag when the officers left and immediately noticed the lens was pointing in my direction. He didn't have to test shit, he wanted to try and take pictures of me and more than likely try use them in an attempt to accuse me of further bullshit. His travel partner told him they could test it later and should just get going. He decided against it, and then began taking videos of the room. He stated he wanted to "make a record on what the conditions were like". Again, more bullshit. His travel partner told him to cut that shit out, and as Person A argued with him, I stood up with my camera in hand. I had gotten it ready when he was pointing his at me, and figured this would happen. I stated that I could take videos too, therfore preventing him from having bullshit "evidence" he could attempt to manipulate. His travel partner told him to cut the shit out and delete whatever he had. I had turned off my camera and gone back into my sleeping bag, and Person A refused. His travel partner demanded the camera, and Person A only gave it to them after removing the memory card. His travel partner finally manage to get the card and deleted everything, to which Person A protested as he claimed I would not do the same. His travel partner politely asked me to delete it and I did.

They finally left, and myself, Person B, and the other roommate who had been curled in his sleeping bag the whole time finally got some sleep at about 4AM. As a result of this bullshit, I left a few hours later than expected as I slept in later.


I guess it kinda serves me right for trusting furries to be normal enough to trust.

My room contained 4 other people: Babyfur (who said he was "Corsi's Grandson" before the military community turned Corsi into a jackass), Creeper (The above Person A. A real dumbass too), Socially Awkward Mountain Man (Never shut the Ffff up and would always ruin conversations), A socially adept and quite respectable normal person with a good taste in scotch (He was rarely in the room but was a nice guy)

Person A also got mugged Saturday night. Normally I'd feel bad, but the circumstances of it were all because of his stupidity. He made himself such a huge target for someone. He could have only increased his chances of being mugged if he painted a bullseye on his chest and held out a wad of cash while holding a sign that said "MUG ME!".

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And group picture. Bottom row, right to left: Shizz, Tsume, Keller, Aryte, Me, Huttser. Top row, right to left: Zerowinged, IcedPhoenix, SalemAdams, MikeMurdock, Heavy666.

I find it ironic how the few couples in this picture look very similar to each-other in appearance lol.

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Person A also got mugged Saturday night. Normally I'd feel bad, but the circumstances of it were all because of his stupidity. He made himself such a huge target for someone. He could have only increased his chances of being mugged if he painted a bullseye on his chest and held out a wad of cash while holding a sign that said "MUG ME!".

Wait...did this person play a harmonica at one point in front of the Westin?

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