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Guest Ruin Nefarious

[Ordo] Special Mention: Tsume Xiao

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Guest Ruin Nefarious

Issued on this date, June of the year 2012;

Throughout the course of our history as the Ordo Imperialis, we have had the rich opportunity to experience the presence of individuals who have contributed so greatly that their very eminence pervades into every element of the organization. It is by their hands that the works of an empire become real: it is by their hands that ideas are taken from paper and produced to a functional tool to be used by the masses.

As such, it is of the greatest esteem that I am able to provide the following citation for achievement to Mr. Tsume Xiao. For: acts of continual commitment to levels that correlate to tremendous self sacrifice, providing innumerable man hours to the betterment of the Ordo Imperialis and Her members. For: consistent and dutiful membership, extending into a half-decade and beyond. For: unquestionable desire to contribute to the success of the organization, supplying accoutrements of all grade and use to every division of the group. For: a tirelessly pursuit for ethical correspondence to group regulations.

Further, it is by a personal regard that I include: Mr. Xiao’s loyalty to my person is without exception, without question, and everlasting. A quality few could possibly claim at a duration to rival his own.

In light of the aforementioned, with the support of the presiding commanding council, the highest prestige afforded under the writ of the imperial regime is hereby issued to Tsume Xiao: the Imperator’s Star.

With the fondest regards and the most genuine of well wishes,

Aryte Vesperia


The Ordo Imperialis

(Delivered in person at AC.)

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