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The Zbrush Thread

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Ill start by an over-due announcement (its out derp) of ZBR4R4 (read: Zbrush 4 Release 4)


It includes some... well... just some really sick new features :D

First and foremost: new topology methods


Including Qremesher, assuming thats something taken from Qmesh in blender. In addition to that, there is a new standard topology tool which any zbrush user can tell you was the hardest and lengthiest part of our process. This means people like myself (AND YOU AT HOME ;o) will no longer need to go to maya, topogun, 3dcoat, ect, for a way to retopology our high poly reference models. SO GOOD.

If you are unfamiliar with zbrush in general, it is the most artist-friendly modeling method I know of. When I say "artist friendly" I do not mean to or intend to discredit or say people who prefer the more classic modeling style (maya, blender, ect) are not artists. Simply that this method of sculpting and essentially handed clay to create your work is more traditional artist friendly. Not digital artist friendly.

Anyway, figured since I get asked about zbrush all the friggin time, I can make a thread so I dont repeat answers. So shoot.

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I -did- try to install Zbrush just to have it there and updated for when I do use it, but I had a problem. I will re-run the disk sometime tonight or tomorrow and see what happens. If it still has problems, I may throw a question your way about it!

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