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Story and Informal Introduction (Mainly story)

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Hello, my name is Holes. I do not play SL, therefore I do not have an SL name. I will do a more formal "Introduction thread" at a later date, but I wanted to share some of my writing when I saw there was a literature section. I wrote this in March of this year, It is basically a journal of a DayZ character. Enjoy!

The Diary of Nick Scalice (Yes, this is my real name)

Day 1:

I woke up today on the shore of some place. I have never been here before. There was an industrial complex nearby. I saw a few signs in Cyrillic, but I don't understand it. I think the boat I was on hit a rock or something. I remember before waking up that there was a scream, and a crash. But, before I passed out, I saw a man firing a handgun. I don't know what he was shooting at, but it seemed to take a lot of ammo. When I checked my backpack, it was empty. However, i remember bringing some food and water with me from the kitchen, which I went to when I heard the scream. When I was in the kitchen, I was not alone. Many others went to grab as much canned food and water as they could carry. Me though, I was smart. I went to the medical bay and grabbed painkillers and morphine. After I took inventory, I had decided to search the nearby facility. i found a few dead bodies, and some men walking around. I screamed for help, but they seemed to ignore me. I decided to see what he had on him, and found myself a makarov, one exactly like the one on the ship. But, when I went to throw it in my bag, I noticed something. I had a makarov in my bag already. How I missed it, I do not know, but I recognized one of the marks, and realized it was the one that belonged to the man on the ship. I found some food, water, and ammo, and decided I would hold up in the factory for the night.

Day 2:

I woke up to screaming. It was another survivor. I quickly grabbed my gun, and looked out the window of the room I slept in. There where 2 men. One bleeding heavily, another dead. I realized that this man outside could easily kill me. But, my food stocks where low, and I was hungry. I took my gun, and silently opened the door. The man must have heard me, because I heard footsteps going away from my position. With the potential food lost, I took my supplies, and moved on.

After about 2 hours of wandering, I came across a town. The town was inland, and seemed peaceful. I hoped it was a survivor village that could potentially help me. I was wrong. I approached a supermarket, and, instead of being greeted with what looked like the undead. I did not want to have to fight them, so I silently crawled into the market. I was very fortunate, however. Inside the supermarket, there where loads of supplies, but something more sinister. There where 5 dead bodies in the back area of the market. One of which had a rifle, which I took. I looked through the market, and found quite a few things. I found:

2 magnums, plenty of ammo

A large pack, which I discovered to be called an ALICE pack from a diary of one dead survivor.

Lots of food and water

A Le Enfield rifle with some ammo

A watch

A compass

A toolbox

A pile of wood

2 boxes of matches

After I finished looting the supermarket, I realized that since there where 5 bodies, I was potentially near a very dangerous place. I took what I had and left.

While I wandered, I found a small shack. I looked around, and there where 2 zombies there. I took a risk by shooting them with my new rifle. They both dropped, and I had a new camp for the night.

Day 3:

I can barely see, I am having trouble breathing, I may have, scratch that, I did break my leg. There is blood everywhere. And I feel like a monster. After waking up, I had slowly crawled outside. As I walked out, I was greeted with gunfire. There was a man sitting outside the barn shooting at me. There was an intense firefight, but I barely came out victorious. The man had a winchester rifle with him. I judged that my enfield was too loud, and that a winchester would be a better more silent option. He also had a hunting knife and a fire ax. Although I had found this loot, I realized something. I was dying. There was blood all over my enfield and his winchester. I quickly bandaged my self, but it was too late. I passed out. When I woke up, it must have been 2 hours that have passed. I realized that I had lost a lot of blood. I began eating my food in hopes of that helping my situation. I felt slightly better, but knew I need a blood transfusion. After I ate most of my food, I ran. Zombies and people alike would be attracted to the gun fire. I ran back to the town I was in before, But this time, I noticed something. There where no zombies. The entire place was cleared out. I began rummaging through the buildings, and although I have very poor eyesight and no color, I made out the full food cans from the empty ones. However, I only found 1 can of food. I had passed out many times during my looting, each 5-10 minutes I was knocked out. I figured sleep would help me. I ran out to somewhere that was quiet, and that nobody would find me. There was a small cabin near a lake that housed me for the night.

Day 6:

After a few days of rest, i'm back on my feet. I sat 3 whole days inside one building. I feel a lot better now. I decided to go back out in the world. I began walking south, and eventually found the coast. I decided to just walk along the coast for a while. Eventually, however, i had to make a difficult decision. There was a survivor standing along the coast. He had a gun, and food, which I desperately needed. I shouted "Hey, you have any spare food?" He stood there, and looked towards me. "If you don't respond, i'm going to assume you are hostile." I shouted again. He had no response. I thought, maybe it would be better to just leave him be. But, I realized that I needed the food. I aimed the Winchester at his head, and pulled the trigger. It may have been one of the harder things in life, knowing that I took his life in cold blood, only for a few cans of beans. I knew the apocalypse was getting to me. I kept walking on, and eventually found a city, larger than the inland city I was in earlier. There where dead zombie bodies, large buildings, and even some zombiefied soilders! Knowing that this place could very well be the end of me, I walked right in. I saw a dead soilder's body on the floor, and found a note. It read:

"Dear Jessica,

We just started pushing into Chernogosk. Its been a crazy battle so far. Me, Josh, Mark, and Brian are being sent to relieve a squad who is curently holding a foward HQ. Our CO has told us that the area we are going through has had some heavy resistence. mark was joking around last night. He said 'Wouldn't it be funny if we walked into a zombie apocalypse?' We all had a good laugh at that. Anyway, I need to get myself some sleep.

Hope to see you soon,


So, i guess this place is called "Chernogosk."

After walking just a few feet into the city, I heard zombies and gunfire. I decided to make my way slowly to the church which was high above the other buildings in the area. After quite a long time of dogging zombies, I had made it. As soon as I got inside, there was a dead body. There was some ammo for a MP5, but no gun. He did have, however, a 1911 with ammo. I left the church, and went to a house just about half a mile outside the city. I decided to camp out here for the night.

Thank you if you read the whole thing. If not, well, do it. I spent a long time writing this out. I am going to have to leave it on a cliffhanger until I play again. Hopefully I find somebody who does not try to kill me on sight!

NOTE: I skipped days 4 and 5 because I did not play them to get my character more blood. And Day 7 may be delayed a small ammount because I am having some problems with my game.

Note#2: I was killed on Day7 because of a bug in DayZ at the time, so I did not bother to write a Day7. I would love any feedback from you guys, I take good and bad equally.

Note#3: I will do more DayZ stories if I find that people enjoy it. In the first forum that I posted this in, I got a great response.

Thank you again for reading it!

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I find that to be the fun part of DayZ, not knowing if when you enter a house while bleeding out and being chased by zombies. You could find a bandage and gun, and have your life saved, or you could find a Ffff ton of cans. That is why I play DayZ at least. And the same goes with cars, I enjoy the realism it provides, as limited as it is by the ArmaII engine.

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Definitely enjoyed that. The way you wrote it, it read exactly like what it was meant to be: a diary/journal. I wouldn't mind seeing more. I myself couldn't really get into DayZ either. I got tired of crawling and sneaking around for hours, maybe stumbling onto a gun and a few rounds, and maybe some food, just to have some other survivor come sprinting out of nowhere to gun me down. Great to have you join us, though.

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