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Gulliver Carpool

Let Us See Your Pet

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... so instead of trying to teach her a new name...

It's okay, cat's do not posses the cognitive ability to associate a name/label with themselves. You can call her whatever you'd like!

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While speaking about “family”, here mine of “family” :grin:



“Small voracious” :grin:


“The Empress” :smile:


" Smithi "


" Métalica " ( There are also Bi Color, but I board not of picture )


“Métalica” likes much Second Life :grin:


And finally here my… “small assassin” :grin::love: (Now it is larger than on picture)


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Let us see see, a little “cold blood” which devil :grin: It is well-known that the small animals do not eat the larger animals :grin: (Although my “small assassin” can make damage with human)

I'll buy some clown shoes just to stop those things out.

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I don't understand why people keep spiders as pets. They don't care how much love you give them. They'll still bite you if you move too fast, so I make sure my foot is faster.

It is true that a spider board not as much affectionate than a cat or a dog, but some live very well with the man. I will take the case of my Avicularia metallica. In the Antilles the children has of Aviculaire metallica (Matutu) like pet. to thus ask

Kirshak Clarity, when you would see it on Titan. It had all a “horde” of these mygales. Mine can be trotted on me without any problem. now, it is true that Theraphosa Leblondi is not similar. It is very aggressive and can send to me to the hospital is with these hairs irritant or via these bites. It is necessary to have this passion of the very young spiders to understand :content:

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I would like to introduce everyone to Xoza and my new family member. Her name is is video I took of her first day at home with us :) which was, yesterday :P

now there are a few things that I feel everyone needs to know about her..

1. Is deathly afraid of spiders

2. Likes playing with electronics and cables

3. Seems to be in the process of creating artificial intelligence.

4. Likes shot guns

5. Likes others who have taken a rocket to the face...srsly..she uses them for their body...

6, Oh..and something about an emergency induction port.

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