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  • Chess with Friends (Let's play! :D)
  • Pandora
  • DI Radio (Digitally Imported)
  • Speed Test (
  • Everlight
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Messenger (Redundant but messenger is much easier/faster to use standalone)
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Skype
  • Steam
  • Teamspeak
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Voice
  • Google Latitude
  • Google Translate
  • GeeTasks (a third party Google Tasks application)
  • Google+
  • Chase Bank
  • Paypal

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Games (Android):

  • Dead Trigger
  • Angry Birds Star Wars yipee! (definitely more challenging to get 3 stars in)
  • Anipang
  • Apparatus
  • Word Search (a little wonky in the vocab, however)
  • Ceramic Destroyer
  • ShadowGun
  • Move the Box

Useful crap:

  • GPS Test
  • Camera ZOOM FX
  • SwiftKey 3
  • OfficeSuite
  • RadarNow
  • Google Goggles
  • Adobe AIR
  • Samsung TecTiles (NFC tag goodness!)

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Humble Bundle (Yes, they have android bundles. It's going on NOW)

Barcode Scanner (MUST HAVE, scans almost all barcodes, including QR codes)


Viber (Free* messaging and texting, uses data/wifi connection)

PDX Transit Finder (for Trimet Transit Tracker, uses the protocol that Trimet and Google developed)

Evernote (for notetaking)

Polaris Office (obvious)

SwiftKey 3

Vocalyst (reading SMS)

The Daily Show (when I am bored)

Steam (talking to peeps on Steam)


Google Drive






EDIT: Here's some more:

avast! Mobile Security (Best for rooted devices. You can not remove it easilly on rooted devices (even goes through hard resets))

TeamViewer (Easiest VNC-like app ever)

Ring Scheduler

Beautiful Widgets

And for those that have android phones and paypal, you'll want both of these

Google Authenticator (2-vector authentication for google accounts and compatible accounts)

VIP Access (Basically, Paypal Security Key for free or anything that uses VIP from Verisign (burgandy keys) or Symantec)

Edited by SalemAdams Wobbit

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⇒ Phone My PC - Must Have

⇒ Lumiya - a 3D Secondlife Viewer for your phone

⇒ IMO - Multi Platform messaging client, handles just about everything from msn/aim/skype/googletalk/steam etc

⇒ uTorrent - yeah I torrent right on my phone lol

⇒ Swiftkey -> Powerful typing thingy

⇒ Player Pro - Good music app, downloads all the album art.

⇒ Chrome - Duh

⇒ Handcent SMS - Nice customizable message center

Rooted Apps

⇒ SuperUser Duh

⇒ Set CPU

⇒ SD Speed

⇒ Ram Manager

⇒ Wireless tether

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Trivia Crack                      -Reasonably entertaining with out taking up too much of your time; great game to play while waiting in line.

Attack On Planet 9            -A strategic puzzler game made by yours truly,(it is an early alpha, but i would love feedback), available on the play store(for now) here                   - My go-to network troubleshooting app.

Acorns                              - a simple savings app, lets you save as you go easily.

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