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Regarding the Ordo and the SLMC

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The Ordo Imperialis

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To all ye’ hopefuls pining for our demise, let me prefix this statement with the firm assurance:

The Ordo Imperialis is not disbanding.

Quite the contrary, actually. The Ordo Imperialis is expanding and pursuing new avenues to extend our group’s influence and opportunity. In the process, however, the group’s command element has overwhelmingly decided that the Second Life Military Community is no longer in the cards.

Why the change?

You should really ask “why not?’ The community has been in a long state of decay and has not witnessed any sort of real innovation for years. Think about it. Recruitment is highly recycled-- the same folks bounce back and forth between groups and perpetuate the same mentality that is dragging everyone into the pit. There is no great sense of interest by outside parties. No grand appeal, no specific offering that would garner any sense of attraction for those outside of our little corner.

The platform is archaic and leaves a great deal of room for want. Combat is stale and constantly follows a short selection of themes revolving around rule mongering, accusation of transgressions, and delusions of some sort of new fresh idea will somehow make everyone forget they largely hate one another long enough to resume enjoying the terrible SL physics and instantaneous deaths by floating damage prims.

Respect is in short supply and detractors are terribly difficult to be rid of. Although a select number of us have largely weathered the storm to arrive at a mutual acceptance of one another, the most common theme among the SLMC is foetid disdain. Everyone has a moniker or a purported dark underbelly that their enemies seek to expose for the “greater good,” in hopes of “one upping” or affirming some deep rooted desire to be a pain in the ass. Further, once you have had enough of said pains, you are either thrust into dealing with them by the grace of SL’s terrible security methods, or by reason of the continual braying of someone’s political jargon and threat of permanent banishment.

It is with certainty that someone has and others most definitely will take this as some masterful achievement to have supposedly bested the Ordo by simply being on SL. Well, all the more power to you. However, there is nothing commendable or particularly impressive about wallowing in the community’s mediocrity. Please, feel free to continue beating your heads against the wall while we spend our time fruitfully on actually entertaining avenues.

What now?

The Ordo Imperialis has already began expanding into other platforms and we will continue to do so as new opportunities arise. Titan, our hub in Second Life, will remain up indefinitely. After we finish a rebuild, it will likely be open to visitors and see use as a general hangout for Ordo members and their acquaintances. Down the road, we may pursue using Titan for alternatives outside of the SLMC.

Members still bearing the Ordo Imperialis tag in Second Life are free to do what they please now. Otherwise, you can find us actively present on games like Planetside, Battlefield, and Blacklight (et cetera). If you’re a member of one of the remaining SLMC groups and have interest in playing in an organized, competitive manner: you are more than welcome to join us. We do not care if you are part of a military community group, even if you were once our “enemy.”

Respect where respect is due.

This is hardly an all inclusive statement, as I am bound to forget someone. But we wish the absolute best to those of you we’ve had the pleasure of sharing interests with. People like Lurdan Huszar, Anthony Lehane, and LordBob Boa will always be individuals who transcend the bullshit invested in the SLMC to reach a level of kinship that’s woefully lacking in the community.

For those of you who are our friends, you already know we’re not going anywhere outside of ending our chapter of interest here in the SLMC. But I want to affirm: we appreciate everything you’ve done for us and we’ll always have your back. We won’t be strangers and we hope that you will return the sentiment-- our door is always open, and our TS3 always available. Even if you’re a dirty Vanu pilot (Bob).

Although I cannot honestly say I care whether or not the SLMC survives much longer, I can say without exception that I care very much for the aforementioned folks and the groups they lead. I hope that you all find a path that suits you, whether in or out of the military community.

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