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[SW] Media Thread

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If it's Star Wars media (pictures, video's, audio's) and it's Epic, it goes here!

A short Movie Compiling the Return, Hope and Deceived Cinematic Trailers For (Star Wars - The Old Republic) an MMORPG developed by Bioware. This is set 3000 years before the film Saga and roughly 2000 years before Darth Bane and 300 Years after the Knights of the Old Republic Games.






Jedi Master Gnost Dural has been tasked with updating the Jedi archives to shed light on the roots of the current conflict between Republic and Imperial forces. Watch and enjoy as he provides detailed information on both sides of the war effort, as well as the history leading up to this intense conflict.

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Well one day we had way too much time on our hands and decided to do something silly. Well, they decided to do something silly. I just took all of the pictures.

When Ordo Goes Wild

After some of that happened they decided to take on the world boss on that resides on Nar Shaddaa. With only weapons in hand they fought off the droid and claimed victory in the name of Ordo!! Right on guys!

Too Many Tatooine Sunburns On Nar Shaddaa

There was a bit of time between this and that but there was a Nightmare Pilgrim run. Just one of these bosses has over a million hit points the other half a mil. They took their hits like champs and then came back around for another go and made him eat his words. Not only did Ordo represent but we had allies in there as well. Wonderful work guys.

The Challenge of the Nightmare Pilgrim

I hope you enjoy in the fun. We all did.

<3 SW:TOR - Ordo

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It was a really sunny day on Tatoonie. The twin suns were just killing me and my traveling companions. It was starting to seem like just a dream that we would find the beast that we were actually looking for. I spotted something in the distance and I couldn't shake the bad feeling that was about to happen.


"Over there. The skull in the sand with the bodies. I think this is the place." I said with a bit of worry in my voice.


You see I was just still an apprentice but the man I was with was a hardened Imperial Agent. He had seen much in his line of work and didn't seem worried in the slightest. He neared the skull and well I did not last long in the battle but he did. He faced the challenge and walked away with it's skull to mount on his wall.





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When bored people do boring things, Like annoying pubs!


Picture above is of the group I encounted while on ilum who were attacking base droids and turrets. So I decided to heal the turrets and droids and actually managed to wipe their whole group. They then decided to only stick to the droids outside of the base because trying to out damage my heals when they went after 2 turrets was too much for them. Thanks to wolf and panda for joining in on this.

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