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When I first saw the website launch, their art and stuff, I thought also "Great, another WoW and a more kiddy/cartoony one at that." But after watching their videos, the fact they swear in them and knowing the reason for the animation style, I'm interested now!

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OK. I seriously am starting to think this could be a great MMO. I am a little off-put by the graphic styling but I think I can get over that if the core gameplay is as sweet as it looks like it could be.



Exile fourth race speculation:

It sustains itself in a gaseous pod, as well as a syringe? Sounds gross, but I don't have to deal with them as roommates being Dominion. 


Furthermore, if you take a look at this!:


On the far left. A freaking zombie hand! You see the bone and stitches. All four of these hands most likely represent the four races that form the Exiles!

So if you put the pieces together, the fourth race might be a mutant zombie that sustains its longevity with pods and chemicals!





the thing pointing a gun.


reasoning: The video here


where he goes to a tech npc and talks about the last race of scientists he "cant really talk about" but puts this creature barely in view.

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