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Awards Audit Thread

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You can do a audit on me but I am sure all of my stuff is messed up.  I have been retired way too long.  I would probably have to log into SL and fish my awards out of my inventory as proof lol.


Your history and retirement resided before the FF database, best option is putting down a list of what you have in SL, I'll sort em and tag them to your account! Good to see you back!

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So... I had these... The rest where on the Auto Merit grid on SL so yeah don't have solid proof of those.




Good Conduct


Ordo Achievement


Comrade Support


Administratio Qualification


Extended Service


Operation Thorn


2142 campaign


Black November


Mechanized Qualification


Alpha Contrfjghdflhdsfikj




Combat prowess I/II


Architect of Eternity


Architect of Unity




Homeland Defense


Operation Ageis


Operation Persecutus


Operation Stalwart


Operation Thorn


Operation Vivec


Operation Fallout


Operation Purge


Operation Fluffy Kittens


New Jessie Occupation


Prior service



Awarded by Aryte.


Fruitcake Merit and Merit of Epic Fail loool

Edited by Hunter Abrams

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Not sure if this is going to be relevant given how long I was away, but this what I had from what I can remember and trawling through the old weekly meeting notes:


[Combat Prowess] *cited by peers for performance.

[Medicus] +25 * cited by command for exemplary performance in medic teleporting during the commission of battle.

[Armatura] * completion of Armatura.

[Homeland Defense] +25 * cited by command for performance in the defense of Titan.

[Comrade Support] +25 * Constant investment in extracurricular involvement in the Ordo, including community building. Major kudos.

[indoctrination] +25 * cited by command for zeal in the commission of duty.

[Architect of Unity] +25 * cited for selfless dedication to the creation of new aspects of the Ordo.


In command of Ordo Imperialis - Astra - Reaper wing for a short time 

Rank of E-6 up till last day of duty with The Ordo Imperialis on Titan within Second Life

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