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Just wanted to introduce myself. I am the new probationary recruit. I'm 24 and a long time PC gamer. I've played many games both casually and at tournament levels. While my most played genre is FPS, I do enjoy RTS, fighting games, and occasionally the good MMO.


I have started streaming my games and as a side project, am working with several friends on developing our own jRPG. I'm also a huge pen and paper nerd (D&D, Pathfinder, Star Wars RPG, etc...)


My steam profile is so feel free to add me for any game.


Main games I play:

Counter Strike (Mostly GO these days)

Team Fortress 2

Street Fighter 4

Natural Selection (both 1 and 2)

League of Legends

Planetside 2


Games I play occasionally:

Starcraft 2

Dota 2


Arma 2 (with mods usually)

Payday 2

Left 4 Dead 2



That's it! Happy gaming!

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Welcome and if you do like Counter-Strike,i suggest you to play America's Army Proving Grounds as well,it is exactly like CS ^^

but it is in Beta version now,so you might have a less weapons,all i have experienced is that you have M4A1 Carbine,SAW,870 Combat and EBR


dont forget to visit Teamspeak also by the way,it is

i hope i see  you in Teamspeak :)


have fun

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