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Dusker / Evenfall / Nyghtfall says, well, "Hi!"

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Hey there,


I have been here a few weeks, and the people are freakin' fantastic.  I enjoy our Teamspeak shennanigans (Hey Favre...).  I'm from Boston area, and I travel often for work (1/quarter) internationally, so I may be playing from my Surface Pro in Chile or India or Poland and such.


Anyway, the 55s I play are Dusker (GS), Evenfall (SH) at the pub, and Nyghfall on the impie side (OP).   I love PVP, having quite a bit of experience in it, and I want to get more into the ops side of things.  I look forward to meeting all of you :)


Please let me know if I can help with anything!

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Hey Evenfall/Dusker,you probably know me well but still i would like to introduce myself,I am using the guy who is called as Arcanine and also i have an Imp side also,whose name is Tormido,she is level 55 Sith Assassin but i would like to go with my Arcanine more you know why? because i am the servent of light side :)

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