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Lanny Ansar

Path of Exile

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So a few RL buddies of mine mentioned this game a couple days ago, and I decided to give it a try.


It's your usual Dungeon-Crawler layout, with a multi-act storyline that's actually pretty good for a F2P game. The graphics are really well-done, the combat feels fluid and not very clunky, and everything feels essentially like a VERY polished and refined Diablo II. Not only that, but there's no separate servers either. The fighting areas and such are all instanced, but it's completely open when you get into town.


But the thing that REALLY got me going was this: (Edit: And even then that's only half of the screen. >_>)




THIS is a skill tree for a single class. The base classes they give you (Templar, Marauder, Ranger, Duelist, Witch, and then Siren and Shadow later on in development) are essentially just base concepts. You pick a class and they go "Okay, this is typically the stats that this character runs. Do whatever you want past that."


It's detailed to the point of being frightening. The game itself is developed almost entirely from community feedback, and so-far after leveling a Templar to almost 20, I can say this game has officially sparked my interest.

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I thought I already made a thread about it? Or not. xD


Either way, awesome game and v1.00 release going live on the 24th this month(Or was it 23rd?)

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I've always said this game was what Diablo 3 was supposed to be.


Bingo. Right on the money with this. Can't wait for the full release. Act 3 will be twice the length it is now!

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