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Honor and Devotion

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I first wanted to say that this is going to be me rambling about some might consider nothing important but I just thought I would share. I have not slept yet tonight and while awake I thought of the most important thing I could pass on. For those that do not know I am the mother of a now 11 year old. When I first joined Ordo I just thought it was a guild on a game. I have since found a gaming community followed by a family. I didn't know that people could actually care as much as I do about others online.


I was sitting in the TOR channel one day and Xoza mentioned the codex and I had never bothered to read it before and I'm honestly glad he did. When I read it at first I skimmed it and then something caught my eye.


➡ [Title II] Standard of Brotherhood
It shall be the expectation that members of the Ordo Imperialis support other members of the Ordo Imperialis against the actions or accusations of outsiders. It shall not be acceptable to aid or abet others in seeking the detriment of another Ordo member.

➡ [Title III] Standard of Respect
Members of the Ordo Imperialis must afford all individuals, whether another Ordo member or not, appropriate reverence and politeness. It shall not be acceptable to demean or attack others in a malicious manner.

➡ [Title IV] Standard of Integrity
All members of the Ordo Imperialis shall be expected to exhibit sound integrity in all interactions. This includes, but is not limited to exercising sound decision making and exhibiting honesty.


These three things caused me to stop and head right back to the beginning and read it from start to finish. When I was done with it I had decided to start applying it not only in the games I was playing but outside of it as well. I applied it to my life outside of the internet. Everywhere I go I apply the 9 Titles that have been laid out before us to the best of my abilities ( within reason that can be applied outside of the internet ). I have even go so far as to start instilling them into my daughters life. I never thought that when Jundani recruited me that I would be doing this almost 9 months later.


I guess in all my ramblings in this post is a big thank you to all of you here at Ordo for not only helping me improve my life, my daughter's life, but also helping me improve the lives of those around me by leading as an example of what a honorable and devoted person should be.


Much love and thanks,


Kullastia ( Ren )

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No need to thank me for upholding what was set before me. It's really an honor to be part of Ordo and I take my family everywhere with me. I have not been able to feel this strongly about anything other than my family that I am here with. I have the codex in my signature, I live and breathe the titles as much as I can, and to know that you approve makes it even better. Thank you for setting the standard. Thank you for all that you envisioned. <3 I love Ordo.

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