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Well, my name is Greg, but I tend to go by Enialis, Enialis_Nailo, Balariel, or the names of angels. If you see an Enialis in a game, there a good chance its me since I've been reserving it on games I'm not even playing.


I'm down just to play some games with an intelligent, respectful community. Currently playing War of the Roses and Hearthstone, but am desperatly wanting to get back into MMOs. Too burnt out on WoW, been playing since Beta O.O. and imo GW2 failed me, but I would be willing to play again with the right group, I think I just had different expectations for the game.


About me, inteligent, dioplomatic, but with a silver tongue that will cut the ignorant to shreds. Flaw, strength? Haven't decided yet. Literary buff, Frank Herbert, Asimov, Heinlein, Orson Wells. If its sci-fi, there a good chance I've read it, or own it. Dune and Stranger in a Strange Land are the two greatest books ever written and I will debat you to the end of the universe if you disagree. Also, R.A. Salvatore is amazing, and Twillight killed vampires forever. Please, ask me about books, I'll talk your ear off about whatever you've been reading, and if you haven't, I'll kindly explain how Brave New World is scarier than 1984.


I am Anime/Manga obessesive. Evangelion is likely the greatest thing every conceived, and I will go on for days about it to anyone with even the mildest understanding. Also Psycho-pass, steins;gate are the most recent jaw-dropping things I've seen, still trying to put the pieces of texhnolyze together, what a trip that was. If you read my literarry interests, post-apocalyptic, dystopian, cyberpunk is sorta my thing, and I'm running out of things to read/watch so by all means suggest me some.


Music, ah, Music is my life. I am a music student by trade. E. Guitar, Acoustic, Classical Guitar, Piano and Sax are my main hobbies, but give me an instrument and some sheet music and I'll be playing it by the morrow. Classical, Jazz, Metal and all of the needless sub-generes we've decided we need to make it even MORE confusing and divided are my interests. From Tortega to Sinatra, Queen to Bring Me the Horizon, Andy Mckee to the Cure,  I've got my bases covered. Please talk to me about music if you want, or more specifically, if you have ANY guitar questions, be it practice, playing tips, or maintenence/repairs, I can help, I am classically trained, have been playing for 10+ years, and major in guitar performance. At your service. My specialty is teaching people to proper way to practice and turning them into badasses.


So, thats me in a nutshell, I think. If you want to talk about any of this or just need help finding something to read watch, need a piece critiqued or need help with a guitar issue, just let me know. I think thats about everything I can think of this late at night. Cheers and hope to hear form you guys.

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Everything sounds wonderful man! And what a great resume you have put together here :P. You are obviously versed in this world and I personally am delighted to have you in the Ordo my friend. We shall talk soon about all that you have posted and I shall have you suggest to me some of these things to watch, read, or even study.

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