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    • By Xoza
      We have a place to put those epic shots, the stream of video of your team taking down a target and that fan media that you may have spent hours on. So don't forget to capture those moments, from group pictures and screenshots to videos of your adventures or strategies of survival, it's not hard and if you've any questions about how to, just ask anywhere. You can post questions or media in this board, in this thread,  here, in our social media or contact any OIT personnel to have them featured and hosted across our online media, just let us know in the post.

    • By Xoza
      Have any art, images, video, literature, or other media you want to share, especially if it's ordo related, feel free to share it with the new Ordo Deviantart group or post it in or share it to any following social sites! (safe for work only)

      Facebook Group
      Facebook Page

      Google+ Community
      Google+ Page
      If you would like anything featured, showcased  or shared on our front page, please post it HERE also.
    • By Xoza
      Anything in this thread via link or upload may be used by Ordo members to enhance online experience, promote the Ordo Imperialis, or share, with the exception it is not altered dramatically, used to discredit the Ordo Imperialis and includes accredited mention by link or name.
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