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Agares Tretiak

An unaccustomed request for aid.

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First, let me say I am a proud man, for better or worse. But pride has it's logical limits and I have reached said limits. I've been unable to work for the past three months due to an exteded illness. While I still have a job for the time being, I'm unable to work and thus cannot bring in the income neccessary to keep silly things like the power on at this time. It's extremely embarrassing, but I'm fairly low on options at this time.


The amount due is a snowball from hell of several months of not being able to pay, coming to $738.46. This is the total, but we need to pay the amount of 291.98  to turn the power back on. Right now, it's my mother and I in the apartment. She's still working, but we're just barely covering our rent as it is, so this amount is beyond our current finances. Our income, normally, is beyond what social welfare agencies are willing to assist with, and there's really no family we can turn to for help. So I come to you all, humbly, to ask if anyone could possibly assist us. I'll be keeping an eye on my PMs on the website today and tomorrow and you can send me a text via my phone number, which you can get via PM if you want to speak to me that way. I'm not expecting much, really, but I don't know where else or who else to turn to at this time.


Thank you for your time.

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