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I know I for one am a big fan of watching shows while I work on my PC, and im sure plenty of you do the same. Seeing as I dont actually have a TV service provider and instead just download via internet / use netflix I am always looking for good shows to watch. Drop suggestions here for others or general show discussion here. REMEMBER TO USE SPOILER TAGS IF YOU MUST.

Ill start with 2 big ones I am a fan of, one Netflix one not. 

First, a new show that I think so far shows a lot of promise. I say this one so that you can join the fandom as it starts if you are into such things. Mature show (as Starz and HBO shows usually are) expect genital shots and boobies.

Network: Starz

Rating: Mature
Genre: Pirate/ Action/ Adventure/ Historical Fiction/ Boobies

Episodes: 1 (so far)







House of Cards is on Netflix and had me hooked from the first episode like no other show. I am a huge political glutton and the drama / events of the show were a huge hit with me.

Network: Netflix

Rating: Teen?
Genre: Political/ Drama/ 

Episodes: 13

>  house-of-cards.jpg

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Share on other sites - The Following: FBI agent chases an escaped serial killer. 9.7/10 - Breaking Bad: 10/10 - Lilyhammer: Mafia man turns informant goes into WITSEC and heads to Lilyhammer, Norway. 10/10 - Louie: CK's show. 9/10 (Semi NSFW warning) - Continuum: Neodystopian cop from the year 2077 is sent back to the year 2012 with a group of Ecoterrorists bent on destroying the past. 8.9/10 - Mind of a Chef: Cooking show, Chef David Chang travels around the world showing off different cuisines. 8/10 - Warehouse 13: Secret Service agents searching for supernatural objects that potentially have the power to alter the world. 8.6/10 - Modern Sniper: Military show. P.good watch. 9/10 - 24: Jack Bauer with a Counter Terrorism Unit thwarts terrorist plots. 24/10 - Archer: Funny animated show. 10/10 - Hell On Wheels: Cowboys, Injuns, and Trains. 9/10

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I use Hulu myself.
Here's my favorites. Bold, being one's I think I've enjoyed the most lately.

  1. Alcatraz
  2. Almost Human
  3. Alphas
  4. American Dad!
  5. Arrow
  6. Bob's Burgers
  7. Bones
  8. Brooklyn Nine-Nine
  9. Burn Notice
  10. Castle
  11. Catalyst
  12. Chicago Fire
  13. Chicago P.D.
  14. Chuck
  15. Cities Of The Underworld
  16. Combat Hospital
  17. Cosmic Journeys
  18. Cosmos
  19. Dads
  20. Defiance
  21. Dilbert
  22. Endgame
  23. Enlisted
  24. Eureka
  25. Family Guy
  26. Firefly
  27. FlashForward
  28. Fringe
  29. Futurama
  30. Grimm
  31. Haven
  32. Hell's Kitchen
  33. Heroes
  34. Hoarders
  35. Hotel Hell
  36. House
  37. Human Target
  38. Ironside
  39. Jeremiah
  40. John Doe
  41. Journeyman
  42. King Of The Hill
  43. Kings
  44. Kitchen Nightmares
  45. Known Universe
  46. Last Man Standing
  47. Last Resort
  48. Legend of the Seeker
  49. Leverage
  50. Lie To Me
  51. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
  52. MasterChef
  53. Misfits
  54. Modern Marvels
  55. Motive
  56. My Own Worst Enemy
  57. Naked Science
  58. National Geographic
  59. NCIS
  60. New Amsterdam
  61. Nikita
  62. No Ordinary Family
  63. NOVA
  64. Once Upon a Time
  65. Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
  66. Pan Am
  67. Pawn Stars
  68. Psych
  69. Pure Science Specials
  70. Quick Draw
  71. Revolution
  72. Scientific American Frontiers
  73. Sleepy Hollow
  74. Spy
  75. Stargate Atlantis
  76. Stargate Universe
  77. Star Trek The Next Generation
  78. Star Trek Voyager
  79. Super Structures of the World
  80. Terra Nova
  81. The Awesomes
  82. The Blacklist
  83. The Booth at the End
  84. The Cape
  85. The Event
  86. The Finder
  87. The Michael J. Fox Show
  88. The Office
  89. The Simpsons
  90. The Tomorrow People
  91. The Universe
  92. The Yard
  93. Thief
  94. Total Recall 2070
  95. Touch
  96. Trenches
  97. V
  98. Vikings
  99. Warehouse 13
  100. Welcome to the Family
  101. White Collar
  102. Wired Science

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Will not mention those that have been mentioned before, or well try to.

Helix - CDC investigates a new possible outbreak in a privately funded research facility.

The Mentalist - Consultant for police forces on the pursuit of a serial killer. (Think Psych but less 'silly' characters and more mind games)

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