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Windows 8.1 problems

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Anybody having issues with windows 8.1? Everything was working great till I upgraded from 8 to 8.1. Now I cant play SWTOR except in windowed mode. I also can't play netflix over EXPLORER any more either. It says I cant play movies/shows in private mode or something. Its all really weird. I am really thinking about downgrading back to windows 8 unless I can figure these problems out.m On the plus side, the internet does seem to run a little faster now-pecular huh? 

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I upped to 8.1 a few months ago and everything runs the same as it has been running... Here's some things I do and don't do... 

  1. I don't use any apps from the app store, or use any of Win 8's tablet/phone looking features/programs.

  2. I use my computer just as I would Win 7, aside the start screen being 'different'.

  3. I don't run anything else in the background unless it's necessary. No game overlay, no extra programs that aren't essential.

  4. I keep all my drivers up to date and run necessary/beneficial driver programs.

  5. I don't use any live desktop/startmenu features and I have aero turned off. (Looks like classic windows)

  6. Make sure your task manager doesn't have things running you don't recognize, and turn off those you don't need in MSConfig.

Here's some things you could do...

  1. Update all your drivers, including your onboard/motherboard / CPU drivers (often overlooked).

  2. Run programs in admin mode, even some games run better with it.

  3. Make sure the games/programs that need it can communicate with the internet properly.

  4. Turn off things you don't use, or aren't necessary.

  5. Look into any of my above practices...

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Well, I'm sure a lot of you people remember that 8.1 brought a lot of problems in. You remember the mouse lag? Yah... Good luck with fixing those things Connor.

As someone who's been using 8.1 since the start, I'd like to point out that alot of the problems from 4 months ago were fixed.



Even then, there were workarounds to fix those issues when it was just released. All you had to do was run your program as admin and disable DPI scaling, and you were golden. 




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When i updated to win 8.1 my graphics was reset to defualt so it chose to use the onboard 50mb intel graphics instead of the 2gb nvida card. it was easy to fix once i figured out the problem but man I was angry for a while thinking my gaming laptop had turned into a damn floopydisk

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