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Hey there

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Guess I should do one of these so I figured why not and made this thread


As you can tell my nickname is faardor (which stems from a roleplay character of SL SWRP) and signed up for the SW TOR part of the guild after being persuaded by a SL friend of mine (that would be Ren / Kullastia / Kal'liope) to join Ordo. I figured why not since a couple of other SL SWRP friends are in the guild.


I am a big star wars geek and speak a lot of mando'a (aka mandalorian for those that dont know) and am pretty well into the culture to consider myself a mandalorian realist. I am not sure if that is a proper term but I basically translate it to this: I, in the real world, believe in the six tenants and the honor based (warrior) society revolving around it and try to follow the mandalorian code as much as I can. (although getting armor is gonna be a tough one lol)


Some of you might already know me if you RP in SWRP, some might me through the stories and jokes I tell ren who then tells to the people shes usually hanging out with on Teamspeak. I dont know why but people tend to think im funny. I am a big geek, female gamer (the other terms are kinda derogatory) and a sci-fi nerd as I not only love star wars but I also love star trek and even watched all the series + movies. DS9 being my favorite series. And I love both the Jem'hadar and the Klingon culture. I also like to read up on warhammer 40k every once in a while and am somewhat of an enthusiast into things related to the Tau and the Sisters of battle


If you want to swoon me over you gotta be wearing some thick beskar'gam, speak the language and have a good sense of honor.

Jokes aside if you want to know more just ask, I consider myself an open book, be careful however, I have been told I have more balls than most of the men that RP in SWRP and I am not afraid to voice an opinion on something or someone and be brutally honest.w

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I'm just happy that you are finally here. My next task is actually to get you into teamspeak. You do realize you don't have to talk right? It's a fun place! ^_^ Yes I'm trying to sell you on it and I'll win eventually .... give into pure pressure dang it! <3 Anyway I'm happy to have you and welcome love. Hope you love my family as much as I do.

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