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Hey, names Midi.

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Well Soundcaster for most games, but hey! I'm a former member back in the old SL days, [Tone Defarge if you need to check!] part of Astra. Decided to sign up again and perhaps catch up with everyone! I play tons of games currently so I hope to join as many chapters I have access to including TESO when it eventually arises. I do play lots of F2P mmo's. Planetside, Firefall, star wars, star trek.etc..etc. [just about any as long as i have people to play with] and various other FPS games. I just recently got into ARMA 3, and later on I plan to hit up TitanFall on launch. I also play BattleField 4 on occasion.  I mainly love to play support classes, medic, engineer, pretty much anything to keep my group going.


So yeah, I look forward to working with everyone once I figure out how everything works and start applying. 

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You are new to me but welcome back. Look forward to getting to know you if you decide to play TOR with us. ^_^


Yeah, i mainly only know Aryte currently so it's going to be nice to know everyone like the first time meeting.  As for the TOR I'm definately up for it, I just first like to know what classes you're looking to fill. Unless i need to go to another topic about this.

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