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Good evening,


I am one of the ponies of Roanoak who has come to to offer myself as a beast of burden to the Ordo war machine in ESO.


I am an experianced gamer in terms of organized Raiding and PVP. I played EQ1 until WoW (Vanilla) went beta, and then I played that up until about 6 or 8 months ago. I play Star Trek Online when I want space battles and League of Legends when people from work pressure me into it. I did play Guild Wars 2 for a while but It just did not hold my attention once I reached the end game.

My first Elderscrolls game was Oblivion and I played the heck out of it. I am still currently, playing the heck out of Skyrim.


I am hoping that ESO with Ordo fills the social / gaming void that I found myself with after my guild and I grew bored of WoW.




My ESO id is @Featherhorse if you would like to add me in game. Maybe we can all organize some PVP or some group Dungeons.








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