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Reporting for duty

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*walks in, looks around evaluating the crowd - nods once - and tosses his bag into the corner*


You look like the bloke in charge... *points at Aryte* Two questions; when do we brief and where's the chow hall?






I am just another one of the poor sods Aryte has recruited for his damn fool idealistic crusade in TESO.


In general, I do stuff on the internet - stuff usually pertaining to the total and complete domination of enemy forces in virtual settings. If I have killed you in some MMO somewhere - it was nothing personal. (and chicks dig scars - you can thank me later)


Oh - and I like ponies... But unlike the typical love and tolerate kind of pony - I am more of a cleanse the heretics in the holy fires of Friendship kind of pony.


Pleased to meet you!

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Welcome aboard! That cleansing fire will help us make Aryte reach emperor status in the AvA in ESO!


That will be awesome and quite apropos... And the emperor armor looks pretty amazing.


I am curious how crowning an emperor works, mechanically - something to research I suppose.


Raeshlavik is one of the coolest individuals ever. Happy to have you along!


Happy to be here! Now, when you said "all the Doritos I could eat" if I signed up, was that literal or figurative?


Holy fires of friendship


... Batman

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I believe its awarded to the highest scoring player in an alliance when that alliance owns a certain number of keeps and elder scrolls.




In other games that would mean the emperor is a community account that is online and harvesting skulls 24/7 - to have the best score when the criteria is met.

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