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What's your ride?

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Here's my rides (or the closest visual representation of them) with a little snippet of history, modifications or anything else you'd like to drop into a summary.

Mercury Capri (1993)


- My first car, learned how to drive a manual transmission in this thing. Got it senior year of high school and it got me quite a bit of attention... I eventually added a sound system (deck, amp & twin 10's), some strobes and headers.

Toyota MR2 (1998?)


- Got this car when I went to serve in Japan. I added white underglows and didn't to much else. The previous owner added quite a few mods to the engine so it did see quite a few races during my ownership.

Scion XB (2002)


- After I returned from Japan, my father had an extra XB he was looking to get rid of. The style and design has to grow on some people, but the modification options on XB's first generation was endless. I added a custom exhaust, headers, intake, cooler, head and tail lights, 3-4' lowered, sound system (cap,amp,twin 10's+), and pillar gauges.

Pontiac Sunfire (199?)


- After I finially got some trouble with my licensing fixed up and got some money rolling in again I got this car for cheep, It didn't last as long as I would have liked, but it was a good car.

Chevrolet Cavalier (2001)


- My current vehicle. I haven't done much modding to it, haven't really had the money. I'm pretty happy when I fill it though, because it's compressed natural gas (CNG), about $8. The only plans I really have for it is some efficiency tuning and a small system (the CNG tank takes up the space behind the back seats, so there's not much room for subs).

Now... what's yours!?

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Ford Taurus SE Comfort (1998)



-My first and current car.  Was used with only 40,000 miles when I got it, and only paid $1500. Great buy for the money since it has quite a few things in it that were very uncommon for cars of the time.


Not a picture of my own car.

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199X Ford Probe. Auto


No Photo


Technically my first car. Bought it shorly after I got out of the Army. 2nd day of driving it, I had a tire blow in a curve that sent me off into a 7-8' deep ravine, hit a tree about 5' off the ground. That haulted the forward momentum and the car dropped the remaining distance into the creek below. Got out of the car, Climbed out of the ravine, and walked the mile or so to the nearest house. Made more in insurance payout than I got for it.


1996 Pontiac Sunfire GT - Auto






What I consider my first car. Bought this a bit after I got my money for the probe. Hooked up with a Regional Jbody Car club (Jbody northwest) Where I was one of like 3 people who had Sunfires, adn the rest had Cavaliers. The car was pretty much my learn how to fix/mod stuff, with mixed results. Ended up Burning a valve in the middle of a race, and even after having that repaired, it's been giving me mechanical and electrical issues. It also developed a leak someplace and in the wonderful PNW weather, The driver side started pooling water in the floorboards. Car will probably be set out to pasture later this year after I harvest some parts.




2012 Honda CBR 250R

2012  - Present





After saving up and getting my Endorsement a year prior, I bought a bike.I'll ride this most of the year when it's not raining too bad. Amusing to scrape the ice off the seat instead of the windshield. Learned how to drive a manual transmission on this thing. 





1992 Toyota MR2 - Manual




Having my Sunfire out of commission and tired of riding my bike in the rain all winter, I picked up a new car fairly cheap. I like unique/different cars and things, and I could not afford the car that I really wanted, so i picked this up. Been having alot of fun with it. Also learned how to drive stick on this thing. Since I learned the theory and basic mechanics of it on the bike, it was fairly easy to transfer the skill to the car. 


Sold in 2014 to a local friend.




1988 Pontiac Fiero GT - Manual

2014 - Present






Managed to snag one of these rare cars cheap. #1666 of  6849 produced. The Passenger rear wheel and suspention was toast due to the previous owner sliding it into a curb pretty bad to the point it looked like the car had a hover conversion installed.


Like my MR2 that it is replacing, this car is also Mid-Engine. 







Project Cars:


1979 Mazda RX7 - Manual





Brother and I found this rolling shell on the property of a guy we were towing a car for. Body was straight, and was missing the motor, gas tank, and seats. We decided to take it on as a project car and hooked it to the back of the truck for 75USD. Working as a restoration Project. Also, dig the idea of a Rotary Engine.


1981 Mazda RX7





Originally ment to be a secondary project. Ended up just pulling the tranny and motor, then selling the shell for the same price we bought it for. Free Engine and transmission. Score.





Updated 15AUG14: Retired MR2, updated pictures and MPG tracker for the Fiero.

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Ah man, I forgot about my Sunfire too...


Can I have your MR2 when you plan to get rid of it? I miss mine...  :grin:

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Alright I am not much of a car person so it's not like I did any special modifications to my cars. Here goes nothing though.
2000 Hyundai Elantra GLS Sedan


I had acquired this one shortly after my move to Texas when my ex-husband entered into the army. Now while this is not my exact vehicle this is a very close image of it. I got it back in March of 2003 and it has some memories attached to it. It was a gift to me from him because I had to move so far from home and shortly after the purchase of said car he was shipped off to serve in Iraq. So yes this one is a vehicle I will never forget.


2010 Scion XD



Now this one here is my baby. She was mine the moment I placed the check down on the counter and took the title in my hand. No bank holds the title. I was very proud to own her and say that I never had to make a payment on her. I still would like to make some modifications to her but I just do not know what I would like to do to her just yet. She holds that special place just the way she is.

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2003 Land Rover Freelander.

It had some enemies and was constantly vandalized while I owned it. Soon stopped after I started visiting the range allot more Weird. The engine started to eat itself so I sold it.


2007 Jeep Liberty

Was a great SUV. Did what was needed but eventually sold it because it required a few thousand in repairs. Also memorable moment in it. Going to work in a "prepare to evacuate zone." Also The only picture I had of it was during a hail storm... ;-;



2012 jeep liberty.

This is my 3rd truck/SUV I have owned. 3 accidents so fare (all of the rear ends.) I have had it for a year and it only had 5 miles on it. I really like it and I do take care of it. Blah blah words and stuff Jeeps are good :D



(for some reason the site is not working for me lolz.





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Mitsubishi Endeavor SLX (2004)


- So, just over a month ago now, Achtai's Cavalier's tranny died. Today we finally went and picked this up. During that month we've been looking for the right kind of vehicle for us both and working on getting it converted to CNG and all fixed up. Today we finished getting it tuned and drove it home.

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1998 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE

1998 - Present

(Not actual picture, but the paint and design are exactly the same)





This is my first and current vehicle. The family bought her in 1998, and to this day she still runs. Almost 182,000 miles on it, has driven from West Palm Beach, FLA to Reno, NV and back at least 3 times, has experienced the prairies of Wellington, CO and the Hurricanes of Wellington, FLA.


Currently has a Relay Glitch (Parking light fuse area's shorted. If I remove the fuse it cuts off EVERY light. So now I have to unplug the van when I park, otherwise the lights flicker until the battery dies), a coolant bottle leak, a mild crack on the passenger side of the windshield, the driver's side seat has had the adjustment handle broken off and will occasionally let go and cause you to lay down doing 40mph down the road, and due to a literal fender bender (A honda accord tried to remove my front bumper doing 40 while I was waiting to get out of a gas station), the front bumper has a gigantic snaggletooth and my headlights are hanging on by friction alone.





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a coolant bottle leak

Very nice, sounds like its been good to you despite the minor issues. Thay an engine coolant leak? Run to a junk yard and grab another cap/lid. That fixed my issue with my Cab. You may be able to get a fuze/relay box there as well. Both wouldn't be hard to replace.

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Very nice, sounds like its been good to you despite the minor issues. Thay an engine coolant leak? Run to a junk yard and grab another cap/lid. That fixed my issue with my Cab. You may be able to get a fuze/relay box there as well. Both wouldn't be hard to replace.

I'm thinking it's either a loose hose somewhere (After 16 years, things get loose), or maybe a crack in the bottle. Unfortunately I don't know much about the relay setup and I really don't wanna sabotage my only ride, but the bottle shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

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