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G'day Mates!

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Hey all!


I'm Dio, and I've been working with Aryte in his guard force in Second Life for around the last 12 months or so. Prior to that however, I was co-lead of a medium-to-large sized RP-PvP guild called the Raven Cross that existed for several years in World of Warcraft and later on in The Old Republic. When The Old Republic proved largely unpopular with members of the Raven Cross we were largely scattered to the wind as far as having an online presence is concerned, but a few have shown an interest in the Elder Scrolls Online. It's my intention/hope that more of my comrades of the Raven Cross will join Ordo for ESO, but I'll most definitely be there!


If the title subject wasn't clear enough, I am an Australian native. While it does typically impact my latency in online games, I'm an unrelenting PvPer. Our days in WoW were typically spent raiding Alliance cities and generally causing grievous bodily harm to other players in the world, and they were really my best memories of my time in WoW. There are a few videos on YouTube I am sure you could find if you searched for the Raven Cross!


Outside of ESO, it's my intention to eventually pick up Titanfall on the PC, and I'm a huge Halo fanboy (here's hoping the next one doesn't suck). However, I'm also really looking forward to Destiny and would love to play with people from Ordo once that's released, too.


Until then, I look forward to fighting alongside you all in ESO and firmly seating one of our own in the throne of the Emperor!

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You're a terrible human being and no one likes you.


Great to see you here. ♥ My pretend admonishment aside, it is always a pleasure to have you along to torment!


You only encourage my hate. And in the end, the master always falls to the apprentice.


Yes. Pretend. ♥

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Titanfall totally better than halo by far~


I dunno, Halo has the Warthog and I love driving it! It'll be interesting to see how Halo 5 goes - I imagine Titanfall will set the bar for 343i, for certain.

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