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Imperial Bounty: (until 21MAR14)

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Issued: All Ordo Imperialis personnel and friendly operatives.
Target: Xoza or any other impersonations of Ordo personnel or contracts of interest.
Time: Now until 14MAR14 midnight PST
Guidelines: The Office of Imperial Intelligence have sources claiming apparitions or doppelganger's have appeared around the digital universe impersonating the Imperial Officer Xoza and any other alias's he may use. We have issued a 'capture or kill' order to all personnel. The Imperial Science Division also claims this may increase over time and other impersonations may likely appear, the order stands for them as well.

  • The target may be killed or captured (through RP or game mechanic), by your discretion and organization with the hunted.
  • Bounties will be available in any capable universe requested if both players have the ability or are willing to use it.
  • Levels, equipment, skills must be of fair, equal or below the bounties values, let's make it entertaining and challenging.
  • A bounty, depending on universe and capability may have specific goals needing met to fulfill the contract set by the bounty.
  • Bounty availability may be scheduled below, contacted in chat or Teamspeak by saying "Give me a hunt <name>"
  • Depending on levels, equipment, skills, mechanics or universe. You may work as a team to hunt the target.
  • Challenges too easy can be altered to give both sides a more enjoyed experience and or challenge.
  • Bounties are free to give out prizes of their own discretion based on overall enjoyment, per hunt at the time.
  • Every participant of any level will be entered into a random game giveaway!


  • Do not 'claim' the bounty more than 1 time per 24 hrs.
  • Claiming a bounty more than once does not increase your odds at winning the ending giveaway.
  • Bounties will be available as much as possible, but if not, do not harass them to be.
  • Do not attempt to unfairly circumvent the contest and/or make it unfair for others to enjoy.
  • Rules may change at any time. We'll see how this goes and how people approach it!
  • Have fun hunting!


(If you too would like to be a 'target', feel free to post below "Imperial intelligence has added a '<NAME>' to the list of potential impersonations." All targets/bounties must be willing to follow the above guideline and at the end of the event send Xoza a list of hunters that have completed their contracts).

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Following Yollo's mysterious disappearance, Imperial Intelligence has issued a capture or kill order on his known accomplices.  The primary target is Khar'i, a smuggler and Yollo's closest known associate.  Secondary targets available upon request.

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