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So it was suggested by Raptor and agreed by Xoza that I should begin a thread that held my character writings so that they would not get lost in personal posts. What will follow will be story posts based on the character's I play or the interactions I have online in story format.
This is mostly an exercise for me as I love RP and writing.  :grin: 
To the admin's of the Forums, if this isn't the right place for these Role Play based writings, please inform me and move this thread where it should go (or I can as well, lol). I was unsure about what was appropriate, but considering the subject of the thread...well, you get the idea.  :lost:

That being said, here I am and I hope you like what you read. Please make comments all you like on the following posts. I will make sure to title and number each post in this thread so you can follow along in the story.  :winner:

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   The smell of blaster scorch and the blip sound of a cred transfer has been the hallmarks of 'Nesha's life. At an early age 'Nesha and her sister Typheld were orphaned when their father was killed during a bounty hunt. Once apart of a proud Mandalorian clan, as 'Nesha was the eldest daughter she always took the legacy of her family as her responsibility. This often caused her a lot of trouble as she never cared much for taking the “easy road”, which was why when her sister left to join the Republic Marines, she scoffed at her sister's easy meal ticket. Typheld and Dahrnesha argued for days about her decision, but Typheld would not give in and was set in her course. A Jedi named Folgulna sponsored Typh's entry into the Marines and helped her on her way, and 'Nesha new no more of her former family for many years. 

   It took some time and a pile of bad memories before 'Nesha could leave the backwater colony world of which all she knew for many years. As she sat in the shuttle of the transport ship she swore she would never be forced to do anything she didn't want to do ever again. She made a vow to live by her own rules. Since those day's she has been called a Bon Vivant by those circles she frequents as she plays her life close to her hip (almost as close as her blaster...). She contracts to anyone, so long as the credits are good and worth her time. Her rules? 

  1. All Contracts are clearly defined from start to finish. No changes, no improvisation, no compromises.
  2. Half Credits up front, the other half on delivery. No Republic notes, no Imperial IOUs. Standard Credits ONLY.
  3. She will bring in children, but will never take a contract involving their death.

And if you don't like  all those rules?

     4. Pay 150% of the bounty and she'll forget to care...

DHARNESHA PART 1: "To Con a Darth..."

   The holocommunicator squelched to life as the call connected. The image of her compatriot, another Mandalorian in archaic armor, appeared on the pad.

   “Its done, Zeks.” she confirmed.

   “About time, 'Nesha. What took you so long?”

   “Has the spice finally got to your fool head? 'What took me so long?'” she mocked. “I was dealing with a damned Darth. That sort of thing takes time...”

   Zeks nodded. “So, did you get the job?”

   “Better...I got a full time contract.”

   “What?!” Zeks replied incredulously.

   “Oh yeah...and its cred-city, baby. I played it big at Pazzak and that Darth's hand was more sour than a 'Vermillion tart'. Were set.”

   “That's better then we could have hoped for, 'Nesha. I'll inform the others, then we'll---”

   “Hold on, Zeks.” she cautioned. “I'm not ready to make our move just yet. I need to infiltrate a Guild to gain this Darth's trust. Once that's done, we can start moving the clan to a safer station and start operations up again. Just sit back and let me do the dirty work right now. When credits start flowing, I'll let you know.” she winked, giving Zeks her crooked smile.

   “Will do, 'Nesha. This is good news regardless.” he nodded, then stood up proud. “For the Glory of the Mando'a! We will once again be feared in this galaxy.” and with that, the image of Zeks faded as the holocommunicator disengaged.

   Dahrnesha, secretly of Clan Tho'noah, smiled to herself in the cockpit of her ship. She played a dangerous game with this Darth, but she knew she could use this alliance to her benefit, and possibly the benefit of all Mandalorians. She wasn't planning to betray her no, that wasn't like her at all. She would follow the contract to the letter of the agreement settled upon. But in doing so, she thought, Clan Tho'noah would rule and take control of the title of Mandalore while heralding a new age for all of her people. And she would do so all on the bank roll of the Sith Empire.

   'Nesha chuckled, piloting her ship to the next destination of her hunt, smug in her triumph and dreaming of credits and glory.

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DHARNESHA PART 2: "Anger..."

   "DRUK!" she cursed as the door to her ship slid closed.

   She breathed heavily, her mind ablaze with furry and anger as she matched towards her personal quarters. As she entered she grabbed the closest thing she could, a bottle of Corillian Amber Spice and chucked it against the wall full force. It shattered in a cloud of red dust that flew everywhere. A small cleaning droid came out to clean up the mess, but 'Nesha intercepted it before he could, blowing the droid up with a quickdraw fire from her blaster.

   "E-chu-ta!" she snarled in Huttese, trying to calm her breath.

   She had let Him get to close, that slimey Darth and his blasted Sith sorcery. She had fixed the runes in that cave like the contract had bade her...but she didn't know she would have to speak that sithspawned code. She didn't expect him to whisper in her ear...that spidery like voice of his. He made her skin crawl...

   "KRIFF!!!!!" She screamed a Bithian insult in frustration, throwing a vase this time against the wall. When a second droid came out to clean it this time, she did not blast it though. She breathed heavily, still trying to calm herself.

   He had brought out the Force in her...even for a moment. Her nerves were shot. She had been told by others that she was "sensitive", but she hated it. She hated the thought of that sorcery crawling around in her head like some ganthi rodent.

   "I will not become some Sith Schutta for the Empire to control!" she snarled, turning abruptly to her comm channel. She had to call Kex, she had to get some sort of implant to help her resist, she had to learn how to block them out. She HAD to, or all the work she had done would be for nothing...

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DHARNESHA PART 3: "Death of Clan"

   She held back the tears that welled up in her eyes. Her blaster was aimed at the unconscious Darth that lay before her, her hand shaking as she tried to center her aim. The Darth had been knocked out, her ion grenade charge had knocked out his cybernetics for just a few moments – all the time she would need to kill this Sith scum.

   Her clan had been “cleansed” by Him. He had come and found the Tho'noah, had killed them all to leave the path before her open to become his new “apprentice”. They had fought long and hard – had battled over the uneven terrain of this little moon out in the Borisk system where the Clan had taken its refuge for many an hour. Until, at last, she sprung her trap.

   Her blaster shuttered as she tried to readjust her grip. She had to kill him...and soon, before he awoke. It was her one chance. Why, then, did she hesitate? It was because of what he had said about anger, about using it to bend her to fall to the Dark Side of the Force. Had she really been doing so many horrible things for so long now, doing the bidding of this Darth all under the guise of the contract? Yes. She had. And she had fallen so far from her code, clan, and family. This was not what she wanted to be...but if she killed him now, would that not further prove his philosophy? Would she not eventually fall to the Dark Side and seek out the Sith anyway?

   For a moment more her hand trembled, but suddenly she took a deep breath and her hunters calm came back over her. No, she thought with conviction. She had won herself back in the nature of the Hunt. The credits had run dry, and this Darth had betrayed the contract.

With a grim determination she pulled the trigger, the sound of blaster fire ringing off the canyon walls with its metallic hum. After all, it was just business. 

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