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Hello Everyone

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Hello everyone, Aurigryph here. I've been a lurker for a bit since I hadn't actually gotten the game that I intended to play with the Ordo yet, but now that I have it I thought it appropriate to say hello. For those of you who know @Featherhorse in ESO, or just know her as Featherhorse here on the forums, I'm her boyfriend/farmboy/personal assistant/etc. I'm an avid gamer, and depending on my whims for side games I will probably be participating in more chapters than just the ESO chapter.


In ESO, I'll be maining a Templar set up to heal for both PVE and PVP content, though of course as I get more skill points I'll set up damage and tanky bars as well, so hopefully will be able to assist in any way needed. For crafting skills I am going to be focusing on Provisioning and Alchemy so as to act as something of an apothecary and fill most of our group's consumable needs. I'm still levelling, both character level and my trade skills, but if you need some food just shoot me a mail and I'll see what I can do.


Anyway, I look forward to playing with you all in ESO, and potentially SWTOR and GW2 as well. I hope you all have a wonderful day, and I'll see you in game.

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