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Awanken Wasp

Ordo Promotional Video

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(First of all I want to take this opportunity to say that yes, that is my name and I am terribly emotionally hurt that Huttser is making me to use forums and garble garble garble brits)



(wee pretty colors)



As discussed on the weekly meeting we are trying to make a promotional video for the Ordo Imperialis as a group and now we want some help from the community itself !


We require recorded footage of the games Ordo plays ! If you have any recorded footage so far, that's great ! If you don't and you have ability to record stuff, do so ! Footage will be used to create promotional video, almost like an trailer kind of thing for the group as a whole and that is why we need materials from all the games we play together, the more the merrier ! Of course players/people who record the footage will get credit where it's due.


How do you get this footage to me ? Well, there are multiple different filesharing services up on the interwebs where you can upload your files for free and just sent a link to me (for example, dropbox). If you are familiar with FTP programs I can also provide you an address and account to where you can upload your videos and we can access to them.


Few ground rules however ! Don't send me Youtube links. Ripping stuff from Youtube usually comes with loss in the quality of the video and some annoying artifacting could occur. Secondly, the materials should be recorded by you ! We can't use videos from people who are not part of the group and might have recorded stuff from a battle Ordo participated, they might not like it if we use their stuff without permissions (alsotheremightbesomecopyrightissuesgoingonthereandsowhatnot).


Want to help us out ? Send me an message on forums or poke me on TS if you see me. We can figure something out for ya.


Also remember ! Huttser is a smelly brit.



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