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Lestat Umarov

Character Pictures

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This is the thread to post any artwork you might have of your characters. It doesn't have to be from secondlife, but it's cool if it is. I'll start.

Armin Richter from City of Unity (Yes, he's got dual .45 Lugers)


Federico Valentino (a.k.a. Freddy) from City of Unity


Najib al-Qasim from City of Unity


Lestat Grey (Main)






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Jester Spearmann wrote:

those starfleet ones are pretty good damion, i've not seen them before

Yeah I thought I did show those to ya. Got someone to do the commissions for me but he kind of flaked out on me. I wanted to see a final product and he wouldn't do so till I paid, and finally he changed his mind and said he'd send me the final product...but it never came, so his payment was never sent >.>

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