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Lestat Umarov

Character Pictures

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Aryte, after founding the Ordo Imperialis, 1923


Graduating Schola Class, 1937

From left to right: Kytec, Intus, Rei, Keno, Aelus, Sly, Arch

Fen, Timmahy, Demo, Kitsy, Yoko, and Loki were out partying it up. :<


Graduating Schola Class, 1938

Part of Schola training back in the day was cross-country swimming.

From left to right: Gunau, Cheeso, Neil, Striker, Tyler, Sukasa, Fega, Joseph


Where was Xang all this time? He was in Russia, trying to stop the revolution.

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I was searching though my old Ordo folder and found a picture of Vallen and I back in the day. I was the taller, more handsome one.


Fen and I out on the field before we joined the Order.


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