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Ordo Tournament

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we need to vote on a common game to play for the tournament. as for the reward i was thinking of either games or something. but need to find out a common game for everyone

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Here is a list of things that might work out


Castle Crashers



Star Conflict.

A varying gamemode from garrysmod, shoot eachother, build the sexiest ect.

Team Fortress 2, or pretty much any source game liek DoD or so.

Tribes:Ascend, Really fast tribes.

Card games?

DoTA/other moba games

Speedrunning in platformer games.

Some RTS game, maybe Starcraft II or Empire. There is also a mod called Empires Mod, pretty neat

Men of War/Men of War:Assault Squad

War Hammer 40k games

Left for dead series.


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Just had an idea.. Kinda dumb/crazy, but can be fun...


Contestants split up as squad leaders in Planetside and build their squad.


Squad numbers will be checked every 10min for 60min.


Squad with the highest consistent numbers, wins.


Bonus points for getting them to join the outfit or join Teamspeak.


- No Platoon Waypoint (meaning you have to maintain your squad yourself and keep them busy)

- No Platoon chat (they can, but you can't)

- No open squads (you have to send the invites or get your members to help send them)


It's not really a tournament, more of a contest / challenge.

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we will do the planetside 2 squad contest.


it will be planned for the next ps2 op night. each member that wants to enter post here with ingame name. each contestant will get their own squad and have to have the most players by the end. time frame i am thinking will be a hour (open to suggestions). at the end the squad with the most wins.


bonus points awarded to people you get on TS and people you get to sign up


anyone who wants to volunteer to help monitor the contest also post that you want to.


3 tier winnings

first place- $50 on steam games, a ps2 title if possible/AP

second place- $20 on steam games

third place - $10 on steam games


any questions, or suggestions please post.


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