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Hey everyone, just wanted to get an idea of anyone playing Rust or used to. I have a few streamers possibly coming onto the TS with parts of their communities in the hope of growing the Ordo a bit but also helping them get viewers.
If you wish to play message me and we can get situated, may also have a private server to use as "Home base" and what not


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Last week we launched a Rust server.

You can find it in the modded server list under "[OI] Ordo Imperialis Gaming".

The Story (draft)
You wake struggling in pain, starving and sore with minimal clothing. Your bones ache as if you've just fallen from a tree, maybe you did. In any case you must have hit your head pretty hard as you're not sure where you are, what day or year it is, how or why you got where you are. You have minimal supplies scattered around you and as you gather them you find a pretty hefty rock. Whether you've been cast into exile, imprisoned, lost or sent on a mission, trial or pilgrimage. You know you need to do at least one thing, Survive.
Guidelines / Info

  • No cheating of any kind.
  • No spam or advertising.
  • Intolerant of malicious behavior in poor form.
  • No massive unnecessary builds.
  • RP encouraged, PvP supported. Gather, build, survive.
  • Open to clans, factions and creators alike!
  • Loyalty awards and freedom of play.
  • Expansive server options and mods.
  • Support, staff, assistance, specific requests and education available!
  • Forums, site and Teamspeak available. | |

Mods / Scripts
Currently we have mods that increase gathering rate, crafting speed and inventory protection. The following mods may be future or have similar additions.

Survival Tips

  • Build yourself a safe place with a door and lock. When you log off, you fall asleep where you are.
  • Don't globally tell others where you are. Be protective of your location.
  • Scout out your surroundings before making noise. (Many things make noise.)
  • Don't build windows on the first floor.
  • Start gathering right away, get some supply drops and barrels. Fully harvest trees and boulders.
  • Build a authorization cabinet and make sure it's secure (behind a locked door).
  • Keep your health maxed, there's plenty of food out there when you can start hunting for it.
  • Make some friends and work together.

If you need any assistance, please contact MKBADDOG, Wolf Shaman or Xoza.

Thank you all who helped get this running.

Your dedication in time, loyalty, service and contribution to the community, it's members and the server is important to us all.

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