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Hello everyone! I'm Deviant, Happy to try and join the community here. I'm a long time friend of both Savrix(nathan) and Violet, been buds with them for 6 years so far. Here is a bit about myself and my ebil (yes ebil, not evil. ebil is far worse then evil) schemes. Hoping to get far here and support my buddy Savrix and his friends here.


Partial Name: Gary Jr.

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Location: The Moon (mentally)

Race/Ethnicity: Hispanic and Cherokee indian

Studying: Computer Informations and Network Administration. Also studying politics on the side.


What I like:

  • Scifi, Huge Mecha (Gundam!) fan.
  • Writing stories
  • Role playing on some games (It's fun and a good way to help me think stories to write)
  • Model kits!!!!!!
  • Computer maintenance, I'll fix a computer just for fun :)


Games I play:

  • SW:TOR
  • SWG:Emu
  • League of Legends (I'm a team player unlike my friend Violet! <3)
  • Marvel Heroes
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Online
  • Super Deformed Gundam Online
  • Dawn Of War: 40k, all of'em. (Firestorm over kronus mod ftw)
  • Silkroad (First MMO I ever played... I occasionally return to pay my respects.)
  • StarTrek Online**


**= On Star Trek Online I had joined possibly one of the biggest communities in the game, New Republic Navy. I had gotten to the point of being 4th in command, all within the time of about half a year. Player relations grew rather hostile amongst the leaders so I've taken a leave of absence for an unknown amount of time.

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Welcome aboard!


Mobile Suit Gundam Online? That's a real thing? I knew about SDGO but I never heard of this one before.


and really????? I NEED TO FIND THIS, I am a HUGE fan of the Gundam franchise, was the first anime series that I got into. 

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MSGO I believe it is called. Only available in Japan, have to setup some software in order to play on it.



That's okay, I already have Amazon Web Service proxy in Tokyo for a year from when I needed it for Phantasy Star Online 2.


EDIT: I also see the reddit thread on how to play

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I use Softether VPN, Totally free and works. I'm rolling around as a...Captain I think and in my RX-78-1 (proto gundam) and G-line (Not underwear. G-line was from the ps3 game 0083 files or w/e Another bastard child of the gundam line, this one was particularly successful)

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