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Cowboy Funk Operations Alliance?

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Hey guys, I'm Josh (main is my assassin, Nobaconforyou). I'm the PVE officer in funk, along with Na'bi. We're definitely mainly a pvp guild, but we're trying to get into the PVE game, and we've run several ops as a guild. I've talked to a couple of you in teamspeak and ya'll seem pretty cool, and I know Sergeii (one of GM) has been talking to you guys about an alliance, sooo I was wondering if you wanna run some ops with us. Like I said, we're not amazingly experienced in the ops area, we're mainly pvpers, but we're running a TFB sm, possibly hm, run tommorrow night (Friday 8/15) 6 pm PST and we'd love it if any of you Ordos wanted to join in, possibly get a 16 man going! I'll be on for a couple hours before 6 PST tomorrow night so lemme or another officer or GM know!

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