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Looking for a good home

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Hello everyone. I guess you could say I followed Iolair here. Please don't hold that against her.


I was briefly in the same Archeage guild she was in. It was a decent guild that just didn't fit me as well as it could have.



I'm 47 years old. Mostly retired and I enjoy being in game quite a lot. I've played MMO's off and on since Asheron's Call. I have to admit that being in a guild is a newer thing for me. FF XIV was the first game I was in a guild and then my Closed Beta/Open Beta stint in the guild I just left was the second.


I think I play well with others. I'm not the type of person to constantly speak in TS, but do join in conversations that I can contribute to. I enjoy answering questions that I know the answer to and have no problem asking questions when needed.  I like structure and following chain of command orders, while also having some freedom to play the game the way that gives me the most enjoyment. 


I attend events whenever possible and answer any Call to arms.


I will fill out the application and hope to find a new home here.






Possibly using Rynock in game.

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i would love to see you in our archeage guild. we are not strict so do not have any requirements other then join us on TS, be friendly and have manners. we are a friendly and open guild planning on doing abit of everything. check out the archeage topics on the forum. hit me on on the forums or hop on TS im usually around.

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